mommy happy

how wonderful is it when your child comes home from kindergarten showing you ASL fingerspelling? *beaming with pride* very wonderful. you see, it turns out that not only is his school a California Distinguished School, but it has a hearing-impaired program with some 40 or 50 students enrolled. i’m very excited that, as they are learning their ABC’s, they are learning them in ASL as well.

i’m just very pleased, and had to share.

7 thoughts on “mommy happy

  1. well, not yet, but i was talking to my other son’s dad tonight — Sean is in 8th grade — and suddenly he starts coming home doing ASL. and turns out there’s this (really cute) girl in his afterschool day camp who’s hearing impaired. aHA!

    but i’m hoping with early learning, kurt will be able to achieve some real fluency in ASL, which 6 years at his school will give him plenty of time to learn. i just think that’s so cool.

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