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in the days following 9-11, i joined (and became co-moderator of) an e-group called no-hate: ” For anyone interested in dealing with, and fighting against, the wave of anti-Arabian discrimination and prejudice in the wake of the NYC/DC tragedy. We’re open to anyone who is willing to help, with time, stories, ideas, etc.”

the group’s gone quiet lately, and i’m about to mail out a message directing them, first, to, to read an entry called “Little Green Racists”. Tomas has done a great job in gathering material from various blogs, in reference to the way the site littlegreenfootballs has become a platform for hatred and racism. LGF is a very popular site, with some 10 – 15 thousand hits per day. so many people seeing this message. so few protesting.

please, go read Tomas‘s post. he’s done the research.

also, somebodydial911 has a great post on the subject. as does anil dash.

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  1. You know, I was never a reader of LGF, but I came across somebody lamenting how it had changed from an amusing personal take on life to what it has become, so I went over and looked. The content of the original posts was bad enough, but the comments!

    Jason, the glee with which you announce your intention for the week is positively frightening! 😉

  2. Gee, Links… Do you think Jason’s gonna become a bad influence on me or something? :0)

    Gee, kd… was gonna bring up Timothy “the boy next door” McVeigh..

    Guess there’s nothing left to add but… “Gee”

  3. I am going to admit that I “eye” people differently than I used to.
    And it doesn’t matter what color/race they are.
    It takes alot to gain my trust lately..
    Post 9/11? I don’t think so. THe world is just nuts, ya know?

  4. I have an online friend who lives in Pakistan. His take on issues like these will probably shock and surprise everyone. I know they did me. About a week after 9/11 I expressed to him that I felt bad about how Muslims/Arabs/others were being treated in our country. He said “Lisa, do not feel bad. You should be suspicious. You cannot afford not to be.” He actually went on to plead for me to be overly suspicious and even said if I were to meet him on the street he’d hope I crossed to the other side. His opinion was that there really is no immediate way to tell whether one is friend or foe so for safety’s sake, assume foe. After a year has passed, I don’t know if he still feels as passionately about this issue or not. There is so much more to this story that I will not go into here but I just wanted to mention it. We tend to leap to other’s defense sometimes when our defense may not be wanted or even appreciated.

  5. I’m kind of with Toxiclabrat. Also, I think it’s very easy to fall into the trap of racial profiling and blaming everything on ONE group of people. There are tons of nutjobs in America who look just like you and me (well, we’re so unique, kd, there’s no one in the world quite like us, right, babe? *wink wink*). I just say be wary of everyone, love each other and be happy with each dang day you get here.

  6. its just funny how we deal with things.

    Nobody bats an eyelash that the anthrax scare was probably done by a crazy white guy.

    That doesn’t make it a situation where all “white guys” are suspicious.

    He’s an aberration.

    But those muslims…damn they are all out to get us with their evil religion.

    And at sites like LGF when you do make those kinds of comments, people are quick to justify why this situation is different, why the muslims (or whichever group they are bashing on a given day) don’t deserve the same benefit of the doubt that people that look like them get.

    Oh this is going to be a fun week. I’m so going to be pissing people off.

  7. yeah, white guys aren’t dangerous at all. Timothy McVeigh — the Unabomber — all those Christian fundies out there bombing clinics.

  8. I am so glad you posted about the LGF situation. There’s also another blog that I used to like as well that has gone absolutely south with its racism, post 9/11. I decided to just remove it from my links and I didn’t say anything. I admire Anil and others for speaking up.

    I find many of the “warbloggers” to be not just racist, but riding a very thin line between sanity and enforced psychiatric care.

  9. it really is time that more people spoke up — and Neale of Wetlog, and Anil, and Tomas, are doing a great job of getting the word out, and have *really* done their homework, with quotes and links that leave no doubt as to the atmosphere over there.

    some of those quotes are truly horrifying.

  10. Thanks for commenting on the tenor of the conversation at LGF. I have been very disappointed that so few others have spoken out against it, and I’m glad to see people are coming around and acknowledging how they feel about the generalities that are often made in the comments there.

    Hopefully people will get involved in negating some of the stereotyping and generalizations that often go on in some web communities.

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