not a lot of pictures

ok. first we have mikey at the mall, with skits and Lynn in the background. this guy knows how to have the fun. except, well, both he and Jason were ignoring me at the restaurant. how much fun is that? heh. and here’s Keith, Amanda, Kurt, Emperor Norton, and Francisco at the restaurant. at least my own kids don’t ignore me in restaurants. and my daughter is epic. and not afraid of bugs. well, caterpillars. we found bunches them on an anise plant overlooking the beach. if you pet them, they had little orange horns that came out of their little heads, but i didn’t get a pic of that (sorry). the sun was setting as Amanda, Kurt, Ratty and i walked to our cars. oh and of course, Kurt played in the sand, so we brought plenty home.

great day.

23 thoughts on “not a lot of pictures

  1. Back home! We wound up at Gotham Hall, and played a little pool. Full report tomorrow. Plus tons of pics. 😀 This rocked. So very very much.

  2. Hey… I saw mikey… he and i shared “hey are you glances?” – he got on his cell phone and then went our sepearate ways… while some guy sang gospel music to me.

  3. you were talkative, Mr. Emperor. you certainly were.

    it was great, yes? now why did mikey and Eve not connect? shyness of bloggers, i suppose — though i do not think of mikey as shy.

    the rest of us? yeah. shy. well maybe not skits, she’s just epic.

    oh, man, that was fun. Eve, i’m so very sorry we missed you and visa versa.

  4. You know it’s too bad your daughter is engaged, because she is cute 🙂

    But anyway, enough leering, that looked fun 🙂 Why do I have to have all this ocean between me and you guys?

  5. Thanks, kd! It’s always great to have a face to put with a weblog, makes the person seem more real, at least to me. Kurt looks mighty cute sitting in the sand too. 🙂

  6. santa monica, here i come! i was there!

    2:00PM. Santa Monica Pier. be there! – – – – – – – – – – – – – i WAS there! and i had a really nice time 🙂 i met all these fun

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