putting names and faces with our losses

there is a list.

and here it is. if you are in need of a good, cathartic cry, this is the place to go. it is a carefully tended memorial, honoring all who were lost on this day one year ago.

the size of the list speaks for itself, and for those who endeavor to maintain it.

much like the vietnam memorial, something about the listing of names, somehow manages to convey the overwhelming loss, while keeping it a very personal expression of that loss.

8 thoughts on “putting names and faces with our losses

  1. This is a truely moving thing.

    I went to visit a link on Geocities about one of the victims and got the stupid data transfer exceeded msg.

    You think that for this day Geocities could abandon this.

  2. I just listened to the list of names being read on Public Radio. very moving and sad. At least the day is almost half through and no terrorists have done anything to us.

    P.S. Is Kurtwood’s photo blog up yet? Very much looking forward to it. Hope he still is enjoying school.

  3. today chris listened to the names and heard the name scott schertzer — chris’s last name too. and there’s a branch of the family from new york, so this may be some sort of cousin?

    and the photolog is still pending, i have to install MT and design it, but the URL is pointing at a subdomain on my servers, so it is ready to go.

    and yes, he loves school. he was dressed up in a pair of khaki shorts and a light blue dress shirt this morning, he looked so handsome.

    i love life the way it is, i really do. i hate to think …. never mind.

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