rest and other good things

rest is good. good news from parents is wonderful.

in march of last year, i was up in oregon for three weeks, helping out while my dad had cancer surgery. large mass in the chest area, not lung cancer (one of those ‘we’ve never seen this before’ types of things). was too wrapped up in things to remove with open-chest surgery, didn’t respond to chemo. radiation shrunk the thing finally, we had the good news about this back before they headed out on their big road trip.

talked to dad tonight, he had a cat scan when he got home, and the mass (probably scar tissue at this point) is even smaller. ’twas scary there for awhile, but he’s going to be ok. he’s a young man, 63 (as compared to my mom, who’s 77), and though they both have serious health issues, they’re getting out and about in their trailer, enjoying the whole retirement thing (they’re off visiting one of my mom’s older sisters right now). sometimes i wish i was genetically related to my mom, she’s the youngest of seven and i think 5 are still kicking. anyway, i’m babbling, but happy.

it’s tough when parents are very ill. i’m thinking of Lee and her mom tonight, i know these are tough times.

9 thoughts on “rest and other good things

  1. Oh, thank you, kd. I was not expecting that. You are such a lovely person and a cherished friend!

    I am so glad to hear the great news about your dad though. When I hear such wonderful news about others, it gives me faith to believe it can happen for my mom too.

  2. that is wonderful kd, and i will be wishing your family the best.

    and how cool is it that your mother married a man fourteen years younger?? i love it!

  3. I agree exactly with batgrl. As much as a person’s parents can drive one crazy, when one of them has a close call with the great beyond it wakes you up and makes you realize that life is short. Best wishes to your dad.

  4. That’s great about your dad.
    It’s also great that they’re out and about, doing things.

    My Mom died far too young, and my Dad made the decision that sitting would be a good way to spend the rest of his life.

    Watching parents fade is hard.

  5. she was 41, he was … 28 at the time, i believe. she was a hottie, my mom.

    they got married in ’66, when i was five. so, 36 years and still going!

  6. That is so sweet – your last comment!
    Parental illness – well, even tho my folks make me crazy – I dread any serious illnesses in their future. Mostly mom – she’s the type that likes to tell the drs what she thinks they should do. Poor drs. I always feel sorry for them.

    Glad your dad’s better, kd.

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