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switzerland is more than a pretty place with nice watches and good chocolate. for me, switzerland is a state of mind. and it’s not free of controversy. switzerland, for instance, stood aside neutral during some of the worst atrocities in history. “But there is a still nagging question, and one that seems never to be asked: “How could a decent country remain `neutral’…?”.

in this teapot tempest we call the ‘blogosphere’, there are mini-wars aplenty. and these sorts of questions arise when i fail to identify myself with one side or another, and continue to interact with folks on both sides. i have hurt feelings and confused people. i have caused brow-wrinkling and head-scratching. the ‘how could you’ question is often asked or implied, or simply remains an unsaid undercurrent.

it’s mostly what’s kept me from posting as usual these past few days.

i know i’ve been entirely inconsistent and admittedly, this is just the way i am: malleable, subject to shifts in opinion that are dazzling in their utter illogic, influenced by whatever influence i’m under, whether the weather, the phase of the moon, the time of day, the beer number, or whether or not i’ve had a good poop. i am cursed with the ability to read two posts that are arguing directly with each other and agree with both. i am defined by my indecision. i’ve even applied my indecisiveness unevenly, and that will probably continue, though not with any predictable continuity.

so, apology panties for everyone, and a round of hot cocoa (spiked, most likely) for those who’d like to hang with me in this lovely alpine lodge.

* * *

this doesn’t mean i’m not going to have opinions — that’s another thing i’ve been notblogging about. the fact i am hesitant to say things about things (as in, outside the blogosphere things) for fear of pissing someone off. that, i’m going to do less of (hesitating that is). but i’m considering using Jason as my role model and asking questions, rather than answering unasked ones. however i’m not delusional enough to expect myself to stick with the question format. sometimes, i’m just adamant, and that’s that. well, for awhile.

20 thoughts on “return to switzerland

  1. THANK YOU! I am so sick of the Blogland Bullshit, the ‘call-to-arms’ of innocent bystanders/readers, the supposed adults behind keyboards acting like martyrs or petulant babies or worse…martyred petulant babies.

    The rallying cry should be, “GIVE US A MOTHERFUCKING BREAK, WOULDJA???” Taking sides….feh. Call a spade a spade and move on.

  2. i’ve done that, you know, the whole right-there-in-the-B.S.-thing. i’m not proud of it. but when all’s said and done, it just goes on and on, and i’m really wanting to be done with it.

  3. I’ve often referred to myself as the open book no one wants to read, and I opened my weblog as a means of finally being heard, whether by many or only a few, but in recent times I’ve kept most of my thoughts and opinions to myself for fear of hurting some and/or pissing others off. I keep saying I’ll stop this new habit, but the view here in Switzerland is so pretty.

  4. It’s so nice being oblivious, although I must admit that my natural inclination to take the blame for everything made my initial reaction, “Oh shit, what have I done now?” *snort*

    I’ll take a mug of spiked cocoa, if you please. I’m not sure I like the cold or the altitude though, perhaps in the future you could be someplace like Aruba?

    To save a mass commenting binge here I shall condense and say: great news about your dad, sorry to hear your teeth are still paining you, and,um, I’ve already forgotten what else, so, uh, hi!

  5. Observing States of Mind

    Are my friends who believe in the Not in Our Name statement but won’t sign paranoid or did I make a mistake to come out? It happens in my life, in my mind. Therefore, I note it.

  6. And drinking Hurricanes (drinking, not enduring).

    Or Coronas, or Fosters, or…

    Although I liked Switzerland when I was there, Aruba’s climate suits me better.

  7. More and more, I’m choosing not to ‘get into it’ with people over my opinions, especially people I haven’t met in the flesh. I have a lot of extensive (and civil!) conversations on a number of issues with people in meatspace, and I find that infinitely more satisfying than anything blog-related.

    I understand it’s not that way for everyone, and to each his own. Life would be damned boring if we all approached everything the same way.

    If this chalet has a kitchen, and anyone is up for some cinnamon toast with that hot chocolate, speak up now, ’cause I’m jonesing for some toast with my cocoa, and would be happy to whip some up for anyone else who wants it. 🙂

  8. Michelle’s panties just crack me up.

    That actually sounded less dirty in my head when I thought it. It’s so weird, I usually miss all the hooha until it’s finished, and by then it’s way too late to take sides. Not that I’m complaining. I sort of like it that way. Switzerland is so lovely this time of year.

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