this is not a break

unless it is. pain wrecks your brain. teeth are back at it. had to bitch up a storm to get more better antibiotics, i’ve taken too many anti-inflammatory fever-reducing things to show symptoms i guess, and the only reason i know it’s still an infection is the searing pain is the same i had before and i was going to stop bitching about this, yes?

considering … options. swear to Zarquon teeth will drive you to a life of thinking about crime. i mean, the worst thing that could happen is i get shot (no more pain) or go to jail (they have to fix my teeth there don’t they?). only problem is i’m incapable of doing anything except having these crazy thoughts and recognizing them as insane. not me insane. just my thoughts. that’s ok.

somehow i have to figure out a way to install what amounts to a small car (runs, needs work) in the lower left quadrant of my mouth.

in the meantime i would like to note that at the point you have been on the phone for over an hour and it peeps like ‘you haven’t charged me this week, i’m going to die’ and you fuss around finding the plug and plugging it and also at the time you are medicated, and already in a bit of a sweat, the phone will become pistol-hot in no time at all and you will end up with one funky, sweaty, wet phone.

and as the guide says, don’t panic.

14 thoughts on “this is not a break

  1. oh man, i’m so sorry you’re hurting so bad. wish i could send you a good, free dentist–or at least some vicodin [but it ain’t mine to give, sorry.]

  2. Wow. I was wondering where you were. Tooth pain sucks, hope you have insurance. Tooth pain is bad enough to drive one to seriously consider self-surgery.

    You would get your teeth fixed if you went to jail, but I don’t think the social life is very good there and I doubt if they have high-speed internet access available to the, um, residents.

  3. i don’t think i’d want to look.

    i have some numbers of dentists who might work on a sliding fee schedule, and that might help. in the meantime, nothing like good powerful antibiotics.

  4. see, i didn’t want to whine about this again, i know it’s repetetive, and i’m sorry. i’m better today but the new pain meds are sooooooooo weird. was not asleep but not entirely awake all night, having some exotic hallucinations and sweating like a pig.

    on the bright side i may have lost a couple pounds.

  5. Oy…kd. No apologies. You’re not whining–you’re sharing, and to be honest, I was getting worried about you NOT blogging, so if all you can blog is “ow! I’m in pain, damnit!”–then blog it! We worry about you when you’re away. I really hope you can get it fixed soon, dear.

  6. You just had to sneak that Adams reference in there, didn’t ya?

    Sucks about the teeth… I’ve had one that’s broken for months and haven’t been able to get it fixed. Every now and then, it sends a body-jarring, searing pain through my entire left side, just, y’know… to say hi or something.

    Teeth are evil.

  7. Just so you don’t feel alone, I now have nice clean teeth and a temporary crown; it wasn’t a pain episode, just a broken tooth incident. Two weeks till permanent porcelain crown made, for some awful price above what insurance will pay. Snarl.

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