warring factions

Lee posted about conflicts, and about forgiveness. this is a subject that i’ve been doing a lot of thinking about. and i think about not only the combatants, but the warring factions who have aligned themselves with one side or the other. i sense the uneasiness as these folks make their rounds in blogland, leaving comments here and there, including pointed yet vague references to the conflict, in case they need to deny meaning what they meant at a later date.

but it’s there. the unease in the oblique comments, the angry resentment in the words.

and this adds to the sadness of the original conflict, magnifies it; it increases exponentially every time people take sides with the warring factions. it’s not just the aggrivated parties that lose friends and associations, it’s everyone that sides with them, and they tell two friends, and so on, and so on.

i suppose it can’t be helped. i don’t know that we, as adults, can approach these blogwars with the innocence that Lee’s daughter and her friends approached their own childhood conflicts, say ‘that was yesterday’, and move on.

life’s short, folks. stubborn grudges hurt everyone they touch. releasing animosity and moving along in our lives is a good thing, and i’m not just a spokesperson for this beer here. let’s all have a big group hug, and forget the ugliness of the past. ok maybe the hug thing was the beer. but still.

13 thoughts on “warring factions

  1. ahh, sit down with me and have a nice foster’s. it’s australian for cozy warm feelings about the world in general, and blogland in particular. i do believe amends can be made. or at least i hope they can. it hurts to watch all the pain and anger being expressed.

  2. “stubborn grudges hurt everyone they touch”

    Truer words were never spoken. I’ve seen them overtake an entire office of people who formerly got along quite well; it was the pits.

  3. And chocolate? Because I’m not a big beer drinker. This is still Swiss territory right? Hee. 😀

    I’m sick of the feuds. Because by they time they reach this level of escalation they’re no longer about the original issue, they’re just about tearing people down as hard and fast as you can, and taking as many people with them as they can. It’s all about brawling for sport, at this point, in my opinion. Which will no doubt be flagged and ragged now that I’ve opened my big mouth.

    It’s not that I’m a big ‘oh let’s just be quiet and forget about it and move on’ sort of person either — I believe in RESOLVING conflict, not ignoring it. But resolution is best achieved by applying some adult-like behavior, not by scratching each other’s eyes out like hormonal 13 year old girls, for heaven’s sake.

  4. Sometimes you have to simply walk way from certain conflicts if they can’t be resolved. Which is the path I’ve chosen.

    Yep. Life’s definitely too short. I have a stillborn child to deal with today that can testify to that. :0(

    So if you’ll excuse me…

  5. that’s a devastating way of gaining perspective on things. don’t know what else to say, except, i’m very sorry to hear that.

  6. I appreciate it guys. I’m sorry for tripping up the conversation. It’s a good topic with great points (as was Lee’s) please let’s go back to it.

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