well into my second hippiehood

ever look back at something that you posted (say, last night) and read it in the light of day and think, my god that is the biggest hunk of flame bait i’ve ever seen? me, implying that liberal is openminded and good while rightwingers are arrogant and bad? ever want to say, look, what i really meant was …

no, i meant what i said. ever since a little while back when my very first comment troll called me a ‘liberal’ as if that were synonymous with evil, deviant, criminal, … ok, here’s an example: after he lambasted me for my liberalism and was summarily spanked by me with the revelation he was surfing form work, he stated “now. since i’m at work, i need to get back to doing so since break time is over. need to generate some tax revenue so california can get you your child support and dependent family check this month.” [link]

and all i could do was be wildly giddy-happy that i wasn’t anything like him.

and the fact he called me a liberal, as in, his opposite, is probably what made me embrace that label, even though i’d rather not be labelled.

back in the dawning of the age of aquarius, what i knew of the hippie movement, i identified with strongly even though i was what, like 7 at the time? and now here i am, a latter-day peacenik flower-child lookin’ for a love-in kinda gal. i try to be practical about it, peace isn’t always the answer, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about it wishfully.

8 thoughts on “well into my second hippiehood

  1. Ah, 1968. Freshman at the Univ. of Arizona, duly recognized (by Playboy, maybe?) as a premier party school. It took until about 1970 for social consciousness to creep onto the campus, when there were a couple of anti-war demos which may or may not have required tear gas (it was used, whether necessary or not). ROTC was still required for male freshmen and sophomores, believe it or not. Someday I’ll write a book. 😉

  2. I’m thinking that nasty commentor has already died a horrible death-by-ulcer or -heart attack, so I won’t even speculate on what gave him the audacity… But: nice freedom of speech provisioning, there, kd. I like how you provide a platform for whatever position people promote in monologue and sometimes vital dialogue. ;-*

    I tried to call you back last night, but the # in my caller ID was “an invalid Metrocall blah.”

  3. There is a theory that after every period of fascism and war-mania the youth (and young at heart) will rise up and peace and love will be the dominant cultural trend. Maybe after we get done bombing Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia there will be another period of hippiness and peace and love vibes.

  4. I never understood how that whole “L-word” shite got started. I love the old L-word.

    (Incidentally, I tried to comment but it failed to work on your Feminine Deoderant Spray post. Tears were streaming down my face. Thank god I was home and not at the office, uh, on a break. That was, hands down, the funniest single thing I have read in the past year. You are a liberal and a gem, Karen!)

  5. I’m still pissed that I was only 8 years old during the “summer of love”. I remember walking through UC Berkley during that time and wanting so badly to be involved, but I didn’t even have body hair yet. So what did I get for my generation’s great social movement? Disco.

  6. oh i know, wKen. it’s like, so close, yet so far away. i personally missed it by about 20 miles and 10 years, which in the grand scheme of things, is nothing and yet … *sigh*

  7. One of my highlights of the 60’s:
    Wearing a black armband to protest the Vietnam War while working for the US Government.
    Needless to say, I was not very liked that day…

  8. “…about it, peace isn’t always the answer, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about it wishfully.”

    I believe that Love is the answer, with Peace a close second. I always enjoy reading your words, kd. Take care,

    [a proud card carrying hippie since 1967]

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