whine whine whine whine

dentist. tomorrow. 11:30. (yes, finally) it finally got so bad i have no choice but to go.

i know i’m lame for waiting so long.

i’m going to go curl up in a little ball and whine now.

6 thoughts on “whine whine whine whine

  1. no dentist till tomorrow. for now, spraying cepacol on my tooth every fifteen minutes and trying not to take too many analgesics.

    i will never wait this long again. ever. i promise.

  2. Dentist means percodans means save the percodans and take regular tylenols and then when feeling better take the percodans all at once.

    I just got back from the doctor (and missed 2 days of work without pay) because of expelling an ocean’s worth of fluid from both ends. I know, that’s a pretty picture. Anyhoo, the Donagel I got contains opiates, and drinking the whole bottle at once made me smile and be happy whilst laying in a crumpled mess over the kitchen sink retching.

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