work interfering with blogging

so i hate ASP. and i might not hate it, if i could use the tools that it’s meant to be edited with. but no. and for once, this is not a fault of management, i do have visual interdev. however the bozo who made the site, coded himself into a corner before he got fired for being a total moron, leaving me with no way of entering design view. this is no better than working on Cold Fusion with edit plus. which i also do.

you know, i might be a lot better at what i do, if i had access to these wonderful tools that all the cool kids get.

and i suppose it doesn’t help that both CF and ASP are things i learned by inheriting abandoned, broken websites written in them (i have this motto: oh, i’ve heard of that. sure i can do it!). i am philosophically opposed to integrated design environments that cost thousands of dollars (probably because i can’t have them). maybe i resent the idiots that abandoned these broken sites, for having better toys than me and *still* hosing the code. bastards.

and then i have to clean up after then, and i’ve been faking it since … well … forever. absolutely not a clue what i’m doing. my clients don’t know this, and so they are perfectly content with having sites that work, even if the person working on them doesn’t really know why.

um. are you bored all the way to tears yet? ’cause i could whine more. aw, no, i won’t. i have to get back to work. dammit.

11 thoughts on “work interfering with blogging

  1. sometimes i’d rather be from the ‘oh, i studied that in school’ school, though. or at least the ‘i took a seminar and actually read the book about it’ school. something about the time economics of a broken website — you just do, thinking takes too much time.

    maybe i should go back to being an office chick. i understood everything i was doing all the time. well, pretty much. of course it was boring. understanding everything all the time is boring.

    ahh. ok, i’m fine.

  2. Only the most intelligent and resourceful people can go into someone else’s mess and come out with something viable and useful. You should be very proud of yourself…

  3. thanks, Tess. i just wish i felt like i understood what i’m doing. this is a familiar feeling, i’ve felt i was faking it quite frequently in my life.

    maybe, this is just how it feels.

  4. Ya know… I know how you feel, I really do, and it’s draining. Sometimes, you just want to get into a comfort zone… some place that doesn’t take all your energy from you just to come out with something functional.

  5. Sounds like you’re in a really fun environment, KD. ASP, huh? and PHP and MySQL in your surreally world. What Database do you use at work, SQL Server or Oracle? You know, you just need to buy a couple of books on those topics from Amazon. Some of those are quite good. Think of it as an investment. You’ll learn lots, make yourself more marketable. You know what, screw marketable. You should open your own web design firm. Hell, while you’re at it, hire me! 🙂

  6. I interviewed once for a programming job with some accountants, and they had the nerve to hand me a printout of someone else’s code and ask me to explain it. Just the calculations, too, without a copy of the input specs so I could see what the field names meant. Well, I probably wouldn’t have liked working for them anyway. 😉

  7. I second what Mad Bull said. Surreally is soon to branch out into palatial offices on the Pacific Coast Highway and take the web design world by storm. World domination is yours, ASP or no ASP.

    To those of us who can barely HTML code a hyperlink, you got mad skills!

  8. i only wish my skills were mad. i spend so much time scrambling to fix things i don’t understand, and trying to develop things beyond my current skill level, that i haven’t attained any sort of general marketability.

    and, Mad Bull? there is an Access database connected to the CF sites, SQL with the ASP site, and PHP/MySQL on anything i’ve started from scratch, because it’s free, and it’s easier, and there is more support.

    i have some books, but i mostly just use the glossary to find specific stuff. if i ever had time, i’d start from the beginning and learn, but time? ack. also my attention span is not the greatest.

    when it comes right down to it, i’m having fun with it, i just like to bitch.

  9. eh. an office in lowly ventura would break any startup.

    i’m thinking, garage, for office space. inspired by spiders, i could create code in an atmosphere of dust and naked fear.

    or just keep the low paying job. for now. i’m learning.

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