you’re watching the llama channel

…llamas go bad.

i don’t know, this is something my son just said as he was playing with his two matching spyro happy meal toys. kid has an imagination.

i have been awake since 5:30am. not on purpose or anything, i guess i’m just caught up on sleep.

i have a total of four mix cds that i’ve been meaning to get to, and i’ve just now fired up the stereo. ’bout time. musical horizons being broadened broadened even as we speak, or i type, i suppose. the blue intel guy is dancing with the green intel guy (my son is helping) (i’m really glad because if he wasn’t, i’d seriously have to rethink this medication) (in any case, i’m pain-free at the moment) (it’s wonderful).

many thanks to Aaron and Jhames for the music. ‘smarvelous.

15 thoughts on “you’re watching the llama channel

  1. maybe it’ll run into mine somewhere.

    i’m going to put lots of rounded corners in the different skins (it works on regular boxes too). i remember once when i was about 18, i was frying on acid in this dorm room in berkeley listening to frank zappa (sheik yerbouti) and the room had these totally round corners and i was all, whoa, round corners. and yet, this guy had a really pointy nose. oh man, those were the days.

  2. I really, really want to know what it feels like to be caught up on sleep. I am so envious of you right now. I won’t be by Monday though so don’t take it personal. 😉

    And what is 4 truths and 1 lie?

  3. 4 truths and 1 lie is, you make a list of five things, generally they are of the weird or scandalous variety, and people guess which one isn’t true.

    and for the round corners, you need to be using Netscape 7 or Mozilla. good browsers. excellent browsers. wonderful, wonderful browsers.

    the round corners just rock.

  4. See, I know this about the browsers but you folks not living off of a dial-up account have no idea how long it takes to download those new fangled things. Hell, I usually time-out downloading anything over 15 or 20 minutes and those things can take upwards of an hour with my connection. And my connection is the best I’ll ever see out here in the boonies where cable is used only when needing to hoist up an engine block.

    And I want kd to play that game too, Jason. Maybe we’d find out something about those stories she keeps teasing us with.

  5. you can order netscape on CD. it’s quite lovely, with a tabbed interface (can have many tabs open, rather than many windows) and it shows you the round corners *and* i have matching ‘favicons’ in the address window, that you can only see in NS and Mozilla (oh, and in konqueror for linux). also the spongebob skin has lovely semi-transparency on the post areas, and the most amazing multicolored link mouseovers.

    only in netscape/mozilla.

    in many many ways, NS is far, far better than M$ now.

  6. I was just thinking about you and those CDs today. I thought to myself “I wonder if kd finally got a chance to listen to those CDs you made her. She probably did, which is why you haven’t back from her. What? Think about it: the woman admits her love for classic rock and you throw modern music at her that is anything but classic rock. Well, so? I like Led Zeppelin and Heart, and I can still jam along to this. Well, you should email her and find out if you should ever send her anything again. Okay, good idea.”

    But then you posted this lovely little entry, and suddenly all my questions were answered! Just like that! Imagine.

  7. it’s not that complicated, it’s just a browser, however i’m sure there are a gazillion cool features i haven’t discovered, but all in all i’d say that just the CD for starters, would do just fine.

  8. first, the rounded is purty…I feel futurist.

    second, Aaron’s mix is pretty good. Meg Lee Chin is a little bit angry but that Scarlet Life is most excellent.

    I need to get off the computer once in a while.

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