announcements and plans

i’ve gotten to the point where i have way, way too many people to communicate re: hosting issues, so i’m going to set up a central surreally news/updates blog, over on the dot org site. it’ll be up on in a short while.

i’ll be asking all you hostees to sign up on the notify list so that i can let you know of things like this:

they are moving our servers to a new facility —

As you may know already, A+ Hosting is moving all its servers into a new facility in Las Vegas, NV. We have designed a network here with uptime and speed in mind, far more advanced and redundant than our current one.

. this is a good thing, but might be scary in that FTP passwords are going to be reset, (not sure if just the main ones, or the extra accounts too).

anyway, i need to have a central point of communication for all hosting stuff and news. and it shall be done shortly. please spread the word to your neighboring hostees!

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