10 thoughts on “beaming with pride

  1. it’s kind of beyond what i hoped for, but then again, i always have these crazy dreams about stuff, so this would about be in line with those. kind of a best-case scenario.

  2. Kurt is famous!!! And for good reason. I love that he doesn’t seem to be letting this fame go to his head, what with the need to go work on his Phonics and cutting his big interview short ….

  3. you know, one difficult thing is that i’d like to express to him just how cool this all is, but, getting a glowing review on a well-known portal site is just a bit beyond the kindergarten perception.

    it’s all for the best, though, if this all got to his head, he’d get self-conscious about taking pictures, and that would be bad.

    as it is, it’s just fun, he likes it when i put the pictures on his site, and he’s thrilled to have a website of his own.

  4. kurtwood rocks….he is a lucky little boy to have you there to encourage his creativity, and a photoblog….so cool!

    rock on, mom!

  5. That’s just fabulous, kd! But it’s definitely deserved, considering the depth of talent your son displays at such a young age and the hard work you put into it. What a great mom! Will you adopt me?

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