bizarre miracles

i might sound like a stressmonster at times, but deep inside i’m quite complacent — it’s how i procrastinate so effortlessly. i always have this feeling that things are going to work themselves out. and usually it has something to do with resignation. today, i was confronting the very real possibility that drive time (formerly ugly duckling) was going to want to come get my car, being the notoriously strict carloan sharks that they are. and i’ve been dodging them on the phone. and so tonight i said, well, you know, whatever. i’ll call them and tell them i blew the car payment on my teeth, and say bring on your towtrucks.

collections lady: you owe a partial payment
me: i owe a what?
collections lady: you owe $32.44
me: i owe what?
collections lady: evidently, you paid ahead?
me: oh yeah! (back when i was afraid my checking account was going to get attached (long story) i was keeping everything in cash, and paying over by about $12 per payment. i guess that adds up after you do it a few months running, twice a month.) (i told you i was a flake) (but apparently i’m getting better)
collections lady: but you’re two days late
me: well, i’ll be in oxnard at the dentist’s tomorrow. i’ll be in after that. i’ll be the puffy one that can’t talk right
collections lady: haha. ok. (see? i’ve charmed her!)

oh man. i’m good.

so, i get to keep my car. no word yet on how i’m keeping the other things that i’m in over my head over. oh. wait. i was supposed to buy a scratcher, right?

in other bizarrely miraculous news, remember when i had to abandon a whole copy of MT because of bizarre errors? i fixed it. it was the google API thingy. just had to lose that. *sigh* i could now theoretically combine all my copies of MT into one set of archives. but …. i like it fragmented like this. i do. i’m leaving it the way it is. it’s important to retain some complacency.

18 thoughts on “bizarre miracles

  1. i don’t have quite that many minutes anymore. economizing. but, i’d be happy to try!

    however, it’s important that miracles are involved. i can’t handle plain non-miracle involving situations. (if there had been no miracle and i still had a car, yes, but well, that didn’t quite happen…)

  2. oh. and ratty? that wouldn’t be charm. i would, in that case, employ brute vocal force. “ZACK!!! GET A JOB YOU COUCHSLUG, OR I’LL PERSONALLY KICK YOUR ASS. I OUTWEIGH YOU AND I AM OLDER AND MEANER THAN YOU’LL EVER GET, IF YOU DON’T GET A JOB NOW!!!”

    how’s that? i could do that.

  3. “when necessary, i am all about the yelling.”

    That’s my new mantra. Man, kd, you rock!

    Oh, and I second stacey on the consolidation thing. Helped us get our act together and get into our house. Couldn’t have managed to ever save enough down payment money without it.

  4. i couldn’t get a debt consolidation loan to save my flaky life. i couldn’t get a loan on a pack of chewing gum, with fifty percent down and a cosigner.

  5. OMG… that *so* sounds like something I would do. Are you sure we aren’t twins or something?

    (I still owe you an e-mail. Having a social life lately has killed my online time. Laughed with manic laughter over the pink cookie story. THANK YOU for sharing it!)

  6. A loan?!?! Obviously, these folks don’t understand how hard we’ve worked to earn our bad credit, huh? 😉

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