delicate morning flower

mornings. i don’t know how you normal folk do it — by normal, i mean, you have a job that starts at X:00, and you routinely get up and get there by then, or thereabouts. this morning, had to have my afternooner kindergartener to school by eight am. eight. in the morning. it’s like, still dark or something. car all covered with dew, can’t see out the windows as i try and pull into the heavy SUV traffic generated by all the good catholic parents dropping their charges off at the large parochial high school on our block (side note: man, with skirts like that on a morning like this? brrrr!).

the night before, knowing everything has to be just so, is incredibly nerve-wracking. hopping up off the couch circa one am, to check and see if the kid’s jacket was indeed washed and dried. tossing, turning, deciding to rearrange my sidebar circa one thirty am. toss. turn. restless dreams. wake up two times, have milk and crackers. alarm goes off at seven, oy. oy oy oy. snooze alarm till seven twelve am. oy. get up struggle with regular, ordinary, normal morning tasks, knowing the urgency of getting him to school at eight. by eight. or else.

come back home, wanting nothing more than to go back to bed and recover from these adventures. contemplate the fact next year every single day is going to be like this. and on and on throughout the next 12 years. oy.

i’ll leave you with some pumpkin cookies (yum!):

17 thoughts on “delicate morning flower

  1. I worked about 15 months straight on the swing shift (3:30-11:30) on Kwajalein; then had to switch to days (with a commuter flight for 20 minutes) starting at 5:15 to catch the plane at 6:20 or so. It helped me learn to tolerate any further daytime activity devoted to work. Even a one-hour commute to downtown starting at 7:15 seemed easy by comparison.

  2. you got up at 5:15 and had to get on a *plane* everyday? i think i’d quit that job but quick. well, actually, i’d get fired for showing up in the condition i have to be in, in order to get on a plane

    *hic* hi bosh! howya doin’?

  3. you are too funny. ;O)

    you know though, this is the exact thing that I go over in my mind again and again. I am trying to decide if I want kids or not. I keep thinking that it isn’t a good idea, as I LIKE not having to stick rigidly to a routine. If I want to sleep in, I do. If I want to get into work at zero-dark thirty, then I do! Although not often…

    Having kids mean you HAVE to do stuff, and I don’t know if I wanna HAVE to do anything…


    although the Kurtwood is simply adorable. That right there seems to be worth it all…no?

    ahh decisions decisions lol

  4. I don’t think I’ve been up before daybreak in years. I’m completely the night person. It’s the rare night that I’m asleep before the clock says “AM” again.

  5. you know, it’s so worth it (to me, at least). i might stress, but all in all, my kids are such joy. it’s a completely different life though, completely. and since i had my first at 22 (just barely 22) and my last will graduate high school when i’m … 54? something like that — wow. when you look at the numbers, just. wow. that’s a lot of years *goes off to ponder this*

  6. …and on the days Shelley subs she wonders why the kids’ chores aren’t done? I barely manage to see if they have matching clothes on. …and that’s while I’m driving off as they walk toward their classrooms.

    Coherence, mornings; pick one

  7. Uh-huh, I’ll be 60 when Brad graduates? (too ‘morning’ for advanced math)

    I’ll meet you by Pooh’s tree to ponder…

  8. Er…I’m up at 5am, and I’m at my desk and starting my day between 7:20am and 7:30am. Heh. And I’m really perky in the morning. Without coffee. 😛

    Just don’t anyone try to keep me up much past 10pm.

  9. i’ve never understood that perky morning thing. when left to my own devices (i.e., unemployed) i will steadily stay up later and later, till i’m going to bed at sunup, and getting up in the afternoon.

    i’m nocturnal.

  10. hee. Jen and I would get along just fine. Francisco and I don’t even use an alarm clock, that’s how very very structured our mornings are. We’re up between 6:00AM and 6:15AM without fail. It’s almost scary. Seriously.

  11. When my sweetie asked me some time ago if I was a morning person, I mustered all the perkiness I could and gave a resounding YES. The truth is, I’m anything but a morning person. I could very happily stay up until 3 am, sleep until noon (or so), and not get dressed until 4-ish. But it seems so mature to be a morning person. It seems motivated people are morning people. The whole early bird thing and all.

    I aspire to be a morning person. Hey, goals are good. Motivated people have goals!

    Who am I kidding? I’m a closet night person.

  12. i’ve always thought that morning people were better — more productive, virtuous, healthy, wealthy, and wise, and all that. always wished i could be like that. but then again i’ve always wished i was tall, thin, and had different color hair and eyes too.

  13. Bah, look at what the night owls get accomplished around here <g>!

    While, the rest of the world is slumbering away, we’re refreshed, focused and Getting Things Done!

    There is that thing about getting up a few hours later that is a bit of a bother…

  14. Back before the mystery illness, I’d have run two-three miles, showered, dressed, made breakfast for the kiddoes, dressed and dropped off two kids at two different schools, driven 28 miles in rush-hour traffic, and be prompt and smiling at my desk by 8:30. Of course, I’d be snoozing on the couch by 8:45. Now, I skip the run, Hub does breakfast and one drop-off and I’m still snoozing by 9:00. I think rather than choosing morning or nocturnal type, I’m just all around lazy! And, truth be told, I kinda like the sleep.

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