do not be afraid

i have set zim as the default skin. (hopefully that’s what you’re seeing) because i am damn tired of the pink thing (still available thru the skin controller, if you like). it’s very late and i’ve been up roaming around telnet windows fixing databases, and well, i feel a little whimsical.

i have to dig through my 3000 some old emails saved in the old email client, and find this image Faith sent me with luscious green colors i want to use. this may take a day or so, and i have other projects too.

but it’s been too long on the pink and white thang. time to move along.

i might change the defaults here and there just to keep life interesting.

oh, and since i have these cookies, if you *don’t* see zim, let me know. i’m pretty sure he’s compatible with normal browsers, and completely blows up in NS4, about which i no longer care one whit. sorry. no. not really.

19 thoughts on “do not be afraid

  1. Hey! I’m on a Packard Bell IBM clone, (yeah, yeah…I didn’t do the selection) and I still see pink. I’m using IE 5.5, if that’s a point to consider.

  2. oh, and Linkmeister? first of all, if you’ve *selected* that skin, you have a cookie keeping it.

    other than that, it’s your cache.

  3. both Invader Zim and Spongebob are featured in next weeke’s tv guide’s “Cool Kids TV” section.

    They include Samurai Jack as well. Maybe my site needs a Samurai Jack skin….

  4. I don’t seem to be able to get to any of the other skins now. When I hit “continue on to the site” it just dumps me back here.

    Not the end of the world, granted.

  5. I can’t change skins on my Mac. No biggie, but with the Zim skin the background color is white, so I can’t read anything

  6. people, people. it’s just a different vibe. i wanted to be different! don’t make me be the same! waah!

    *grumble* i’ll switch it back if this keeps up, and then *grumble* some more.

    i hate that pink thing! just don’t like it!

    and for those of you not on macs, you should be able to go to the skin controller and switch back to the pink thing.

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