fifteen thousand minutes

imagine my dismay, checking my phone minutes, to find over 1700 minutes used up by the teenage daughter alone. (by comparison the middle child’s father, used about 245 total, and i have used 35 daytime and about 800 night and weekend. i’m really good about the night and weekend, you know.)

and i realize something must be done. it’s ridiculous to spend the last week of every month admonishing my other two phone-holders to turn your phone off between 7AM and 8PM dammit and stress because i can’t really tell how many daytime minutes we’re over, i just know it’s bad. so i took action.

now the next plan up is 2000 anytime/13000 night and weekend. i can’t help thinking this is counterproductive on sprint’s part, since merely saying ‘unlimited’ would be much less of a challenge. you can’t do much about unlimited. but you can damn sure take a shot at thirteen thousand. ok, i admit at least one of my co-workers thinks i need serious therapy for thinking that a project to have a 15000 minute phonebill is something amusing, but he thinks i need serious therapy anyway, so pttthbt.

it’s 216.66 night/weekend hours, is all it is. it can be used up playing silly wireless internet trivia games, or making long rambling three-way calls between the phones on the plan to use up triple minutes, and i’m sure i can find some people who feel like babbling endlessly on the phone late nights. so starting on the fifth of this month, it’s all about the Project To Use Up All Those Minutes. anyone wanting to participate can mail me their number whenever (between 8PM and 7AM weekdays and all weekend that is) and we’ll chat and chat.

or maybe i’ll just seek therapy.

12 thoughts on “fifteen thousand minutes

  1. yeah, i’m pretty sure it’s only the continental US — no alaska, no hawaii, not even canada (though i think it’s pretty cheap to call canada, still).

    i wonder if they have cell plans with international long distance? now that would be just cool as hell.

  2. My head exploded about 3 lines into this post. I think have a case of the stupids today. Are you tring to use up all of those minutes to prove a point? Why can’t I understand what’s happening here? I need a vacation very, very badly. I need to travel back in time a few months to sleazefest and have nice men rub tropical oils on me by a pool and serve me fruity rum drinks. Yes. That is what i need.

    Now where did I leave the plans for that time machine….

    For no reason whatsoever, I’ll add that according to a major bank (rhymes with citibank. *snort*) I’m not currently in the continental US, being in Washington, DC and all.

  3. You already got my number, baby! You know I love chatting with you in the wee hours of the evening.

    Skarlet, I think the answer is “because it’s there”

  4. i’m all about the cell phone – try to call me during my drive time of 6:30am – 8:00am ET. that would be your night hours in PT, wouldn’t it?

    i am in favor of this plan of using up minutes. i liken it to the energy tax that is added onto hotel room bills – anywhere from 12 -25 dollers per stay. it impells me to turn on every electrical thing and leave them on all the time, although some have told me this is not in the sprit of the thing.

  5. yes! exactly! it’s all about ‘because it’s there’. and if i have to stay up till/get up at 3:30 in the morning to call, i’ll do it by golly!

    and i’m not even worried about it giving me brain cancer, because i use speakerphone, and so the phone is nowhere near me.

    i’ll have to invest in a lot of losenges for the month. it’s going to be very taxing on my vocal cords.

  6. If I had a speakerphone for my cell I could take you to class with me tomorrow. Actually, we have teleconferencing stuff in that room, now that i think about it. That would be 180 minutes of spine-chilling excitement. If by, uh, “spine-chilling excitement” you mean “stupifying boredom.”

  7. it’s pretty much my only phone. have a landline that came with the house (it was my mom in laws) so we don’t answer it (mostly annoyance calls). it is also my daughter’s only phone, really, since she lives with roommates.

    i only keep my landline to have the DSL come over it.

  8. Well…
    is your callingplan national only? If not…I’d be willing to help you to make this attempt intercontinental….

    Just the thought of getting free support calls for blog building makes me tingle…

    Back to work..

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