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ok, so, the new MT does come with search capabilities, but, i have two whole different copies of MT, that could not be searched at once (by MT, that is). i could have gone with atomz.com, but the free version only goes to 500 pages — i’m way, way over that. what to do? site search is very handy for when you are thinking, ok, i remember this post about … but where was it?

did you know you can put a google search box in your site? people can search either just your site, or the whole web — and it’s free, and it’s really easy to install. and it’s right here.

you can see it in action in my sidebar, scroll down.

in other geeky news, last night before i added blogrolling to the sidebar of kurtwood.com, i actually had every bit of that code on every page validating as XHTML. i was so excited i nearly had an accident. um. pretend i didn’t say that, k?

and i’ve added a sidebar linky thingy that makes a link to kurtwood’s latest post, out of whatever i put in the excerpt field (picture, bit of news, whatever i want). *sigh* i also made great progress on this cool PHP/MySQL dealie i’m working on for work.

somebody stop me before i geek again. or, well, no. i like this.

11 thoughts on “fullon geekmode

  1. kd, do i need hoopty to do the upgrade for my site since he’s the one who hosts it? or do i need you to do the upgrade since you installed it? i’m damn clueless on these matters, as you well know.

  2. I had a google search box on my old site and it worked well. I should put it back since I can’t seem to figure out how to add the MT search thing. I look at the instructions and my brain melts. I think I’m trying to make it too hard.

    Speaking of geeking out, is there anything better than ordering pizza online?

  3. oh i love papajohns.com! it’s the definitive pizza-procurement interface. so much better than trying to communicate with pizza clerks over the phone. it’s heavenly.

    seems to take a little longer? but it’s so worth it.

  4. kd, please check your e-mail like ASAP yesterday, I just sent you something really urgent about something that is happening that is very important. Please get back to me that you got it ASAP.

  5. I’ve seen that free google thing. I didn’t know you could use it to search your very own site, though. I’m going to go try yours out right now. Cool.

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