hey, that patch of carpet needed scrubbing anyway

part one: i get out a little
picked up the daughter-person, we go to apply for her passport, me to sign an affadavit that i know she was really born here — it asks me, how do you know? i answer, somewhat snarkily i fear, i am her mother, and i was there. she bribes me with coffee to take her to visit a friend at work, we get coffee, and visit. (update: picture from coffee place)

… i drop her off, and go to …

part two: trader joes!
whoa. i had forgotten what a wonderland trader joe’s really is. i went for milk thistle, i always keep a stock on hand, it’s the one nice thing i do for my liver. end up roaming the aisles, happily wide-eyed at the array of wonderful things. i exercise extreme budgetary self control and only buy two extra things: creamy corn soup, and a bottle of very green juice. yummy healthy things. make mental note to go back when i’m not so broke, come home and …

part three: whoopsie
arrive home to find kid looking quite ill — you can see it in his eyes, they lack their customary sparkle. he seems a bit warm, so baby tylenol, and then … oh no. he makes a big rush, inexplicably bypassing the bathroom (heading for the kitchen?) and pukes pink tylenol puke right at the edge of the laundry room, inches from linoleum. some sort of mysterious murphy’s law of kid puke at work here.

(please let him be well by morning. not sick on halloween! no!)

the end.

9 thoughts on “hey, that patch of carpet needed scrubbing anyway

  1. i have to say though–at least he’s sick before Halloween, so you don’t have to wonder if he’s eaten rancid plague-infested candy or something.

  2. this is very true. instead of tucking him in bed and rubbing his little head, we’d be all paranoid in the ER.

    but we’re going to trick-or-treat the mall this year, since his pikachu slippers match his pikachu costume, and i don’t want his good slippers all torn up.

    *sigh* if he’s well enough. i’m sure he’ll feel better though. sure of it.

  3. not looking good. we just had another episode, this one, he didn’t even wake up, just puked all over the bed and himself. we’re down one pillow and a shirt, and have covered the damp part of the sheet with a towel (it doesn’t seem prudent to perform a full bed change while the child is sleeping in it, and this sheet has to last at least a little while, we’ve only got a few that fit that bed).

    it’s going to be a very long night.

  4. Oy! Poor little guy! I hope he’s feeling better by this evening. Being sick is not good. Being sick on Halloween is really sucky.

  5. I was sick on Halloween as a kid a few times – and boy do I remember them. Not feeling well and having the awful feeling that I was Missing Out On Something. Horrible.

    Hope kurtwood gets well soon.

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