i worry

so this update on the upcoming election comes in from moveon.org — listing candidates who are leading contenders in key races to keep some balance in our government, come november.

and sadly, one of the few listed here, paul wellstone (D-MN) has died today, in a plane crash along with family members, staffers, and the pilots. my heart goes out to the surviving family, this is a horrible tragedy. it’s also a political tragedy, because he was a man of integrity and principles. and he voted against the iraq resolution, in spite of being in a hotly contested race for re-election.

hey — some of my best friends are republicans. really. but, and no offense meant, i really don’t want control of the house, senate, and white house, all in the hands of one party. i worry.

* * *
and, with that we return to regularly scheduled kd: lite, now in progress.

for the record i also worry about copycat snipers, hostages in theatres, psychotic fanatics in general, and a host of other things. i tend to avoid bringing up the tragedy du jour, becuase of the fact that these incidents are rife with opportunities to inflame the masses and anger and frighten them so badly they’ll react in the polls. also, every time the word terrorism is invoked, there is a little more fear in the world. when my co-worker came in my office to tell me about wellstone’s death, another co-worker, in passing, inquired, ‘terrorists?’ it’s like the first question we ask about anything.

i’m not ignoring terrorism. i’m just not contributing to the hysteria. there are enough people doing a bang-up job of that already.

i wasn’t going to be political. but here this is. i’m going to go back to being silly again, and then, i’m going to the dentist.

7 thoughts on “i worry

  1. babble away. I like your take on it.

    Especially because, this week, I am most wary of this culture of paranoia that has people believing that the world is crumbling. The television news has people thinking these “terrorists” are coming to get them so they better just stay in the house and watch more news. The most important decision in my day today is whether I risk driving my temperamental vehicle down to anaheim to sit backstage during the paul mccartney concert or just take it to the shop right now and play hooky from work the rest of the day whilst hiding in the movie theater.

    Yeah, the world’s crumbling around me.

  2. Jason, as your self-appointed bad influence of the day, i recommend hooky from work. it is, afterall, friday. besides it might rain. so you would want a car that runs, because being broke down in the rain sucks, and not well.

    let me know if you need any more justification!

    (i actually tried to email that to you but my mail server didn’t like your address today. *sigh* friggin’ computers.

  3. Which is not to say I’m not greatly saddened by the death of Wellstone, his wife, at least one child, and several of his supporters. It’s eerie, the similarity to Carnahan’s death 2 years ago.

  4. i’m regretting this already. i don’t like my angle on this. i’m very uncomfortable with my own leanings. at least being public with them. privately, i rather like them.

    oh well. rebecca blood says never delete! uhm yeah. don’t get me started on people who tell other people how to blog.

    i might delete this one! i might not.

    i’m *so* babbling.

  5. I have actually met Paul Wellstone at public events and once worked next door to his office in St. Paul. He used to jog past my friend Dan’s house, and Dan and whomever was around would always yell at him to put his shirt on.

    He was always around at small street fairs and carnivals and stuff. A lot of people didn’t agree with his ultra-liberal views but they all respected his integrity to his causes. Mr. Wellstone’s death hands the senator race here in MN to his opponent Norm Coleman, who is a nice guy and makes some sense but he is so far in bed with big business and G.W. Bush that he’s basically going to do whatever they tell him.

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