i’ll teach your grandmother to suck eggs

so jhames, in the spirit of the previously posted spongebob fun song, posted the lyrics to that great classic, the happy happy joy joy song.

me? i have the mp3. and i’m putting it in the more text and using the auto-pinger at the same time, just because that sort of thing amuses me greatly.

but not as greatly as listening to the happy happy joy joy song.

the mp3 is here, download don’t stream, and be happy!

13 thoughts on “i’ll teach your grandmother to suck eggs

  1. i have the mp3 to the punk version of the happy happy song. i tried a spiffy trackback to you and jhames with a post to it- but was shut down by surreally (it thought i was getting uppity with my band-width). any solutions, oh wise one?

  2. hmm. you aren’t running 2.5 yet so i don’t know why that would error out. hmmm some more. there is loads of bandwidth and space on dot net and no reason it would shut you down.

    did you get the trackback URLs in this case,

    http://kdblog.com/mt1/mt-tb.cgi/257 for me and
    http://www.jhames.com/cgi-bin/mt-tb.cgi?tb_id=207 for jhames

    and put those in the trackback box? you didn’t try to just put the links in the box? and you don’t have the auto-discovery (yet, i’m working on it, there have been distractions)


  3. oh! unless you were trying to upload the MP3 through the MT interface. that may indeed time out.

    that would need to be FTP’d i think. oy, and all the FTP p/w’s have been reset and i haven’t got to that yet.

    i really really wanna hear that version. really really. wanna wanna.

  4. this is true- the ftp client gave me the finger, so i tried to go through the movable type interface. you are so smart! don’t worry, barring a computer crash i’ll still have it when you have time to get around to it.

  5. Now I’m dancing around my house singing the log song. 🙂 Damn. I need to hear the cover of happy happy joy joy. I was contemplating a cover of that myself. Maybe we’ll take it in more of a cowpunk direction. Or cover the cover.

  6. i’ll send you the master password today — issuing passwords to all the subdomains is quite the project, and i’m impatient to hear the punk version of happy happy joy joy.

    i have a large need for escapism right now.

  7. oh man. i’d about kill for an mp3 of the log song.

    you can even sing, ‘it’s blog, it’s blog’, and it totally works that way too!

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