i’ve had too much to think

third try’s the charm, right? two whole thought-trains, derailed and starting with a blank box, now just passing one line. ahh, here we go again.

hard to focus these days. so many issues, so many debates, so much controversy. me? been absolutely diving nose-first into kurt’s photolog, since it gives me the chance to view the world with at least a semblance of innocence. to separate from the stressors of modern life. the terror-fueled politicizing of the blog world makes me just want to flee into childlike whimsy, or should i say childish? *shrug* i know there’s not much i can do to change the world. i mail my congresspersons semi-regularly, voice an occasional opinion and then instantly cringe, knowing my stance will instantly alienate some folks, and disliking the part of myself that cares too much for what people think of what i think.

i want to avoid the controversy and sadness and fear, and just live this life here, my life which has very little effect on the world at large, but possibly a significant effect on the things within my reach. i can offer a kind word to friends, or administer blog-aid when possible. i can do homework with my son and kiss his head frequently with pride. i can rejoice when he grabs a camera and takes pictures of things i’d never think to photograph. i can call my daughter or my parents, just to say hi, and remember to always end the call with i love you. i can love, rather than fear.

and i can stop worrying about what people think of my politics, which in the grand scheme of things, hardly matters at all. hopefully. maybe.

12 thoughts on “i’ve had too much to think

  1. Right on, kd. Right. On. Discussions tonight with a friend — and last night, as well — have made me wish everyone would just… I don’t know. Let others live their lives. Lives can be joined at times, but they’re still separate, and dammit… my opinions aren’t hurting you.

    Strange mood tonight, it seems. Or today.

  2. …and your kind words to friends does make a difference, and is appreciated. Kurtwood’s Photo Blog is just about my favorite website because it makes me forget that I’m getting older and realizing maybe life isn’t exactly turning out the way it was expected to.

  3. We are all entitled to have our views about situations, even if they don’t make sense. It’s good to know that there are others in the world who think like this. Perhaps, if more of us were to consider how our actions or even thoughts expressed, would affect others, then that may be one of the first steps that we need to take to improve the world at large.

    There are times when I have thought about posting on issues, but, because of how strongly some may feel about it, I have declined. Perhaps it shows that many of us who blog, have consciences. Or, am I mistaken?? Whatever, keep on blogging nevertheless. Hope I have not twisted the point of your post too much. There are times when I may read things into posts or comments that were not really intended. OOPS!!!

  4. With everything so screwed up these days,
    How can a rational decision be made within an irrational world?
    I am getting lost in looking at the colors of fall leaves…..

  5. My sentiments exactly, kd!! That is amazing. Two great minds with the same idea. I have a gazillion URLs of independent websites with a Democratic spin. Irony, sarcasm, you name it. We liberals have a great sense of humor. hehe

    I posted a couple of tirades about the current administration, but then chickened out and deleted them. What a wimp!! And yes, I agree, we DO worry too much about what other people think, blogwise.

    I was born when Herbert Hoover was prez. I voted for the first time in 1952. I have been a political activist for many years and I usually know what I am talking about. So if I say that this current non-elected Dolt (with the drooling help of his wacko fanatic Attorney General) is the worst threat to American citizens’ civil rights and freedom, you probably should listen to me. But that’s just my opinion. So there. pffft �

  6. Mom, we’d listen to you anyway. …but that’s because kd and I are such good kids!

    …an kd, you have it in a nutshell: take care of the things close to you first. …and where and when you can make a difference, then give it a whirl. Sometimes the things we do close to home can reach further than we think.

    Hmmm… That’s a little too platatudiny, but I think you can pull some sense out of it (pity it’s still morning).

    (background: Mumsy adopted kd and me a little while back; just another example of her good judgement…)

  7. actually, i like my blog (and everything) better when it’s not getting all strident about the issues. i’ve just had this feeling i *should* say something, it’s a feeling everytime i follow somebody’s link to some ‘pundit’ site, and i feel like arguing, but the point is, what’s the point?

    i’d rather play with my kid, and his pictures.

  8. Love Kurt’s photoblog. I find it best to try to pretend that I am a 6’4″ kid when I go taking pictures. I’ve got the mind part down, but the angle seems to be wrong….

  9. there’s a part of me, too, that cares WAY too much about what other people think about what i think…or say…or look like…or whatever. bleccch. i wish i could just turn it off.

    lately, i find myself trying to live as if the world isn’t falling apart. i think it’s partly a carpe diem philosophy kicking in (which is good), partly ostrich-like denial (perhaps not so good). there are just times when i can’t stand to hear or read about another bombing, another shooting, another grim event o’ the day.

    i just discovered kurt’s photolog today…it makes me want a child. like, tomorrow. 🙂

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