12 thoughts on “just a couple sunsets

  1. it’s quite lovely. stay tuned for pics of some of ventura’s most lovely places, i’m taking portia on the standard tour tomorrow.

    the sky is always so lovely here.

    i love the word lovely.

  2. Nice! We went to Griffith Park today. The sunset was pretty lousy, so we drove down Los Feliz to Wilshire and then into downtown LA. Right as we hit MacArthur Park (an event for which I sang, quite loudly “And it took so long to bake it”), a bit of sun came out and shone over the lake. Still, you got the better deal tonight.

  3. Nice pictures kd. I wanted to capture one here in Jamaica on the way home on Friday while driving over Jack’s Hill to aviod the evening traffic. I took out the camera, and the damn batteries decided to inform me that they need recharging! 🙁 It was beautiful to look at but, sorry, I can’t share it. I guess I will have to look out for more.

  4. aha — the lesson would be, always keep the batteries charged up, or extras on hand. i’ve run into that myself. the coolest pictures seem to happen when there’s no film, room on the memory card, or battery juice (or the camera has been left home entirely).

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