llook! a llama!

i’ve officially had my digicam for a year — one of the first batches of pics i took, i lost in a terrible ‘what does this button do’ accident. those pictures, i took at the punkin patch — so this year i went back, because i love punkin patches.

also at the punkin patch, … punkins!

and at the grocery store, a basket of itty bitty funny punkins!

and also, a butterfly balloon:

14 thoughts on “llook! a llama!

  1. i think they’re technically some other form of squash or gourd or something, but they looked like grey punkins to me, so that’s what i’m calling ’em. 🙂 thanks.

  2. i love pumpkin patches in theory as well. yesterday however i was also at a pumpkin patch and was having quite the grumpy breakdown- “this isn’t a pumpkin patch this is a muddy field that somebody stranded pumpkins all over. why the heck can’t i just get my pumpkin and leave? why do i have to traipse around in the mud? where are those darn wheelbarrows anyway?”

    today though i repent my grumpy ways.

  3. stacey — it is a llama, or … something that resembles one, but it was really little. a mini-llama?

    statia — i didn’t take my kid, i just went there with my camera. no kid required!

    Suzie — i’m glad you repented, otherwise, the Great Pumpkin might not come!

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