MT 2.5

happy birthday, movable type! i’m probably a little more excited than i ought to be, but then again, MT is the reason this blog here exists. i’d been eyeing it for a couple months, and finally decided to check it out, with the idea of converting surreally.

this was just a test.

so i’ll use that as my excuse why i’m having to restrain myself from bouncing around the office about the new version. heh – so much for getting any work done today~~

14 thoughts on “MT 2.5

  1. I am not computer literate.
    But I rejoice with you and dance around my room about the Movable Type Issues you have resolved. I know somehow this helps me blog better.
    I owe it all to you, kd!!!
    Toasting you with a glass of water,

  2. YES! Happy birthday Moveable Type. Ben and Mena’s little baby has improved self-publishing immensely. Blogger was great and got a lot of people online, but MT is the logical next step. Can’t wait to see what is next.

  3. oh man, i don’t even have my (recently changed) FTP password with me at work! damn! i really need to upgrade something. i need it NOW man!

  4. Haha, I’d say “Upgrade me!” but 2.0 is completely satisfactory. And I fear change.
    I [heart] Ben and Mena and MT though.

  5. I can’t remember my ftp password or I’d let you upgrade me. (That sounds a bit dirty. It also sounds fun though. heh) I think I remember eric’s though so if you’re really desperate to upgrade someone let me know.

    Mind in gutter, must retrieve it before someone steps on it.

  6. Do I want to upgrade? Should I upgrade? Now I’m stressed out about whether I need to upgrade. If I’m creating a new blog (we need to talk about that, btw, I promise not to freak out like last time. This is not a new installation, it’s just a second blog. heh) should I upgrade first? I could go to MT and read about this upgrade thing but I’m rapidly developing a case of the stupids that may, in fact, be permament.

  7. MT 2.1/2.2 had MySQL and some cosmetic stuff. But, 2.5 has some neat tricks that really elvates the program, IMO (though you will have to read the manual). I upgraded last night. It was effortless.

  8. Not only does it slice and dice. I hear that you can set it up to do auto pings when you update. So… you can ping wander-lust when you update (shameless plug)…

    Back to lurking.

  9. Ok, I was thinking I didn’t need to upgrade but then Rick said “auto pings.” That sounds unbelievably cool. I shall wait for kd to post more happy thoughts about it first…

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