my trip to the dentist & other pictures

started out with traffic. oh, i was bored. bored, bored, bored. hmm. look! the radio is a shiny thing! this, cropped a bit, has now been submitted to the mirror project:

so further along, i discover the reason for the traffic was the general public’s insatiable appetite for rubbernecking. there were a lot of cops:

the reason was (according to the radio) a full felony stop with guns drawn and everything. i missed the excitement, but as traffic speeded up, got the cuffing:

then, in oxnard, i pulled over to document this quite lovely house, whose occupants apparently take halloween very, very, very seriously:
and finally, after they rescheduled what i was there for and decided instead to just torture me with another cleaning, i discovered that my dentists do not have a very confidence-inspiring bathroom:

finally, later in the evening, i went to get some red wine (for my health, doncha know) and found the automobile of a very, very serious (and probably very unhappy, considering proximity to world series game, and the fact they weren’t actually there), baseball fan:

the end.

moral of this story: having a digicam with you whenever, wherever, enhances the whole experience.

11 thoughts on “my trip to the dentist & other pictures

  1. i bet it’s best seen at night. all those huge inflatable thingys have lights inside them. i’m sure it rocks at night.

    but with all that cash they laid out, it would have been good to throw in green extension cords.

  2. Heck, it’s not Christmas yet; I have some spare cords I could loan them (the pumpkin patch here doesn’t use near what I use at Christmas).

  3. the pitcher on our college baseball team had “3up3out” on his license plate. i thought that was really unique til now…

    and the thumbnails do rock, by the way.

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