no such thing as too many widgets

so. you know the handy formatting buttons in the MT interface? (well, in IE, i can’t use ’em myself on my main puter, *sigh*) well. you will now find them above the comment box. they work just like they do in MT, that is, highlight the text in question and it will make it bold, italic, underlined, or a URL. i forget where i saw this today, but when i did i thought, hey! i bet that’s easy! and, well, it was.

question: since i made them text links so they go with all the various skins, do you think there should be further instructions, so folks know what they are? then again, i like to make sure my comment boxes are like programming a VCR, according to some people, so this would be right in line with that … 🙂

10 thoughts on “no such thing as too many widgets

  1. Thank you, ma’am! We’ll see; the MT forums have a long discussion which comes to a conclusion, but it’s a little unclear as to whether the final answer in the thread is all that’s needed, or whether it’s in addition to the previous code.

  2. well, give it a shot, it might work? and i’ll keep an eye peeled for other MT blogs that use this (i know i’ve seen them)

  3. well … yeah, kind of.

    i try not to oppress y’all, but since i don’t have a mac to test on, it’s like feeling my way around in the dark

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