one of those dilemmas

so here’s the situation: you’re making boil-in-bag brown rice for lunch (oh so yummy with butter and parmesan cheese). you go in the kitchen to check and discover that a small moth, drawn by the heat, has fallen in the pot and is resting (well, dead) on top of the bag of rice. you know that the rice is now suffused, however minutely, with mothness. you scoop out said moth, and debate what to do. on the one hand, it’s just a bag of rice. on the other, you’re hungry, and it’s ready.

assume for this exercise that you are manically bug-avoidant, especially moths with their flutteriness and that … that powedery stuff on them. eww.

what do you do?

i ate the rice. i reminded myself of how i know that there are actually federal guidelines for acceptable levels of bug parts and mouse poo in packaged foods, so i put this out of my mind in the same way i put that other stuff out.

56 thoughts on “one of those dilemmas

  1. Was it dead when you scooped it out?
    Such a waste of protein – where was your cat?

    “Wow, this rice tastes really different. It’s just got that extra taste of, I dunno… mothiness! Mmmmm!”

  2. I’ve worked in food service, too, to agree with the others who’ve said it. You never know where your food’s been. I ignore it as best I can. I’ve never had food poisoning to date, and I’m a hardy enough girl.

    Mothy goodness can’t be that bad.

  3. it was fine, really. strangely enough, i was off commenting on your site when this email came in. synergy? or zyzzygy? that planet thingy?

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