out taking pictures with the kid

so, you know, i really think he’s better at this, but here these are anyway:


yeah. just pictures, wandering around the neighborhood. as we rounded the corner, people coming out of the restaurant made some sort of exclamation about the sunset — and then i turned around and just gasped. it’s more gorgeous than my non-zooming, inadequately pixelled camera could deal with (in this case, the kid’s coolcam took a better pic than mine did).

but it’s a nice evening activity, roaming around looking for … things. and stuff. for pictures.

6 thoughts on “out taking pictures with the kid

  1. kd – I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying this – it is great that you are such an encourager for Kurtwood. I love that you both caught the sunset!

  2. oh, it’s such fun, too. and, it’s getting me out for a little walk in the evenings! not far, or fast, but it’s a beginning. i’ve been on my wide behind too long.

  3. whoa–you’re right, kd… kurtwood does this better than you! what a great mom you are to encourage his talent like this–and with his own domain too!

    lavonne [who’s been lurking for quite awhile now]

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