monday by the numbers

1. spicy peanuts, vanilla coffee, and red licorice make a fine breakfast. ok well no, but it’ll do in a pinch.

2. i am in no mood. none.

3. it’s supposed to feel like getting to sleep in? it didn’t.

4. why can this company hire some fancy sales dude and then there he is noodling around on his computer all day, rather than getting out and selling stuff? oh tell me he’s doing something job related. ha. i’m doing something more job related than he is, and i’m freakin’ blogging!

5. i need to go in business for myself. or i need a raise. or more coffee.

* * *
oh, one more thing? (imagine complete change of voice here) — i’ve listed kurtwood’s site in it’s a voting system. so if you think the kid is cool, maybe go click him a plus? he was at #39 last time i checked (you have to find him on the list, positions change all the time).

and for the record, is a way cool idea.

it is better to light a single candle, than to curse the mess in your house

another unproductive weekend (well, except for reading the first actual book i hadn’t read before in a long, long time). having afterglow from hearts in atlantis, that feeling when you’re fresh off a marathon reading session and the characters and words and images are still with you.

i read so impatiently, so obsessively. i read ‘the stand’ in, i think, about eight hours (however i did not put it down — not to eat, or pee, or anything) (i mean, i did eat and pee, just did it with a book in my face). maybe it’s why i don’t read as much as i used to, it just eats my life. kind of like the internet, only it can be done lying on a couch all cozy.

mmm, babbling. so, i’m sure there are things i should have done for folks. i haven’t forgotten you, unless i have, and there’s nothing wrong with emailing me to remind me of stuff — i really am scattered as all heck. and the whole server move thingy was rather overwhelming, but still, that doesn’t excuse not getting, say, all the passwords done, or that last site i have to convert to MT (sorry Bob). *sigh*

and as with all good books, i find myself wanting to go back and re-read my favorite parts again; the impatient pace i set for finishing leaves not enough time to savor. so now, with the last bit of my waking weekend, that is exactly what i am going to do.

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nose in a book

first of all, mirror project #2. what fun it is finding shiny things!

secondly, due to not feeling real well yesterday, i found that laying on the couch reading a book was more my speed than the frenetic pace of reading some blogs and fixing others and, you know, living on internet time. so. what did we have in the house that i hadn’t read yet? hearts in atlantis. interesting in that this was the book stephen king was writing at the time of his accident, and it’s really two different books, divided into before/after the accident: the first part with the usual paranormal suspects and references to the gunslinger/dark tower series, the second, picking up a thin thread from the first book and going off into the sixties and the anti-war movement, in a normal world now free of creepy car-monsters and aliens in yellow coats. the whole thing chock-full of 60’s references and me completely swept up in that period of history, which i experienced as a person too young to grasp it all, but all of it completely familiar.

i expect to be done within a few hours here, and things shall return to normal internet-wise, but right now i’m off to hang out in the sixties some more. fierce nostalgia. fierce.

vicarious partying

through the miracle of modern cellular technology, i’ve just attended a wild-sounding party in berkeley, where *garbled list of bloggers* is gathered, as we speak. or i write. you know. i talked to Jilly, Portia, Mikey, and Hoopty, and then the noise really started to wear my ear down, but there were many more people there.

*sigh* vicarious is better than nothing, but i still feel like i’m totally missing out.

spring forward, fall back

we’re having a conflict. we have to set the clocks back (right)? so that makes things earlier. which means that at what’s supposed to be, say, 6:00 tomorrow, and getting dark, it will instead be 5:00. i know this, i swear. he says i’m wrong, and mumbles off to say he’s going to watch the news.

now, the good thing is, he actually knew about the clock thing. i would have been oblivious, since i use my computer time and that would have adjusted — i don’t even know if i would have noticed the difference (say, if i’d switched the alarm to ‘on’ in the dark) until, like, monday morning, when i would have got up … earlier. it is earlier isn’t it?

daylight savings time really taxes my little brain.

i blame someone

i’m pretty sure i consulted with someone on the phone about that last post, it may have been my idea but it wasn’t something i wanted to make a big deal over. except, well, yes, apparently i did. i mean, i was incredibly obsessed and conflicted about being obsessed. also, i’m convinced this conversation took place (i am not making this up) under my dining room table. um. yeah. acoustics? hm. note to self: stick with the beer. the beer does not sneak up on a person and ambush them like that wine. wine is like weak, red tequila. we don’t do tequila here anymore, and we won’t be red wining anymore either.

ok anyway, where was i? just realizing i’m drinking coffee out of a cup decorated with elephants in red and white striped jackets with blue vests, jumping up and down waving go – go – go – gop signs. my son came and sat on my lap and informed me that when he grows up, he will be able to say bad words like the f word, the a word, and the k word. the k word?

life’s nice and surreal, isn’t it? it’s supposed to be raining dammit. it is in las vegas! how do i know this? *sigh* it would be one of the messages i left on the phone spree, returning the call. see? it wasn’t all bad. um. what?

i need cheese.

i worry

so this update on the upcoming election comes in from — listing candidates who are leading contenders in key races to keep some balance in our government, come november.

and sadly, one of the few listed here, paul wellstone (D-MN) has died today, in a plane crash along with family members, staffers, and the pilots. my heart goes out to the surviving family, this is a horrible tragedy. it’s also a political tragedy, because he was a man of integrity and principles. and he voted against the iraq resolution, in spite of being in a hotly contested race for re-election.

hey — some of my best friends are republicans. really. but, and no offense meant, i really don’t want control of the house, senate, and white house, all in the hands of one party. i worry.

* * *
and, with that we return to regularly scheduled kd: lite, now in progress.

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