pant, pant

what are you wearing?

me? grey hooded sweatshirt with little stoned bunny-mushrooms on the front smoking a hookah, flared jeans deliberately frayed on all the edges, grey socks, man-sandals, four silver earrings (three in one ear, one in my nose). oh, and unremarkable underwear.

also, coconut body wash, peach deoderant, vanilla body lotion.

i’m comfy-cozy, frumpy, and smell like a fruit basket.

and you?

38 thoughts on “pant, pant

  1. Yes, it’s all about the comfort today for me as well. Remind me never to go out like I did last night again if I have to work the next day.

    I’m wearing black and white pants from Old Navy. They’re a few years old, and I think they called them palazzo pants or something. They’re not really in style at all anymore, and I probably shouldn’t wear them when it’s not summer (it’s 50 degrees here today), but they feel like pj pants to me. I’m also wearing a black, stretchy scoop neck shirt with 3/4 sleeves, and a big black sweater coat thingie over that.

    I really don’t know what’s going on with this outfit, but I couldn’t drag myself out of bed this morning, and I was 30 minutes late to work this morning. But the result of the outfit? I feel like I’m in my pj’s (pants), and I’m wrapped up in a big blanket (sweater coat thingie). This is always good on a Monday.

  2. just noting a change as the day progressed: my shorts were swapped for a pair of jeans when I went outside to clean my car. I put on shoes too, purple Birks.

  3. i’m wearing the exact same thing as this morning, it’s turned out to be perfect office wear, perfect wandering around the neighborhood so my son could take pictures wear, and now perfect sitting here with the front door open, listening to the crickets wear.

    i like it when the air has some chill in it, and i’m wearing something cozy. it’s my favorite combination.

  4. Grey Structures shirt, comfy jeans frayed at the bottoms (from normal wear and tear and a curious cat), grey socks, no shoes, and a fav pair of joe boxers.

    also, shower pending. I’m unemployed and I just dropped my kid at daycare – it’s early.

    I’m tired, it’s monday, I need to shave and I definitely don’t smell like a fruit basket. More like Eau de yesterday.

  5. hm. Blue jeans, boot cut, no frays, (cause of newness), a navy blue sleeveless turtleneck, a blue sweatshirt (cause of coldness), blue socks, my brown ass-kickin’ Doc Martens, my glasses (cause of blindness without them), and my wedding rings. 😀 Try not to get too excited. hee.

  6. i forgot my glasses — though i don’t wear ’em indoors because i’ve got that presbyopia thang happenin’ — but i have my tortoiseshell, small, oval glasses today.

    mmm. sweatshirts are soooo cozy. mine was fresh out of the dryer this morning, all my clothes were, and so i also smell of Downy Enhancer. mmm.

  7. really comfy, but now way too big burgundy pants and top. Gift from MIL that I would never have picked out myself but like nonetheless. It’s that microfiber stuff, so it’s soft and silky on the outside. Never wrinkles, can be washed and dried in the machine. Still looks new three years after I got it. We love that. Nondescript undergarments, although I am happy to report that I’ve disposed of all maternity underwear just shy of Baby Boy’s 2nd birthday. With the first kid it took me almost four years to ditch the nursing bras.

    Also, I take a great twisted pride in using the minimum amount of personal hygiene products necessary — it’s my own measure of how non-high-maintenance I am — so this morning, we used Pantene ProV, Suave shower gel, Secret, and Colgate Tartar Control. That’s it. Haven’t had any complaints yet.

  8. It’s comfortable: a ‘sixties’ Harley-Davidson t-shirt, odd shade of green ‘split-skirt’ which is more like baggy shorts, no shoes, cheapo watch from Walmart, undies of course, and a Sylvester & Tweetie coffee mug in hand. Smell? None that I can detect other than that left from laundry detergent in my clothing. Still prying my eyes open.

  9. Hanes Her Way pink undies, with matching pink bra, black jean cut off shorts, a brown/beige/tan/black/white striped shirt ( i call these my ‘uglyshirts’, even though they are quite cool *g*), and sandals.
    Smell? Mitchum for Women deoderant, strawberries n cream shampoo and conditioner AND bodywash.

    To put it simply, I smell yummy!

  10. hip hugger levis, boys white crew socks, dr marten boots, klos fm 3/4 length sleeve tshirt, black corderouy scrunchie tying my hair up out of the way of the keyboard , 4 silver earrings, 4 silver rings,silver necklace, silver bracelet, lakers watch, fredericks undies, vickies secret bra. that enough info for ya? 😉 but all that’s coming off cuz it’s bedtime, and my led zeppelin nightshirt and plaid jammie bottoms are waiting for me

  11. Hehe. Grey yoga pants. Grey sweatshirt that says “Palm Springs, CA” on it. Big, fluffy, rather absurd looking lambskin slippers.

    It ain’t pretty, but it’s comfy as all hell.

  12. Dark gray boxer-briefs, black dress socks, black slip-on dress shoes, charcoal gray slacks, green mock turtleneck shirt, dark green cashmere sportcoat, deodorant and cologne. Boring, but office appropriate.

  13. Hehehe…this is fun!

    I’m wearing what I call my “Stevie Nicks” black skirt – it’s all gypsy-like and long and has several sheer layers; black tights – the COMFIEST tights, I swear it – Lane Bryant tights are the BEST; very broken-in black Mary Jane shoes; a peasant shirt – it’s mainly black with earth-toned patterns on it; a silver pendent with an onyx stone in the middle and little bells hanging from the bottom of it – it’s on a dark brown cord.

    Believe it or not, it’s one of my coziest outfits…feels like a night gown, which I like! :o)

    Oh and I probably smell like earth. I’m wearing Aveda’s “Chakra Intuition” and it’s got lots of herbal stuff in it. Yep…earth. Heh.

    May I say right now, you all are a good lookin’ bunch? ;o)

  14. Ultra black flared courds, faded black long sleeved shirt under a black t-shirt that has a silk screen of a name tag and says “Hi, my name is Satan”, 8 hole Docs, sunglasses curently being used as a hair band, silver pendant on a black choaker cord, wedding band. Smells of head and shoulders, melon conditioner, unscented pit stick (unscented, but still smells like stuff, mostly stuff I can’t identify), satsuma body spray. So, I look my usual. But comfy, and warm, since it’s farking cold outside.

  15. Stoned bunny-mushrooms smoking hookas… kd, I love you. Let’s run away together.

    It’s almost the bedtime, if I can ever make it there, so all I’ve got are my flannel jammie pants, a t-shirt, and the ever present halo of smoke. You guys could all get naked and I’d still have that.

    It’s beatings at strip poker, lemme tell ya.

  16. I’m at work, so business casual. Black Dockers, black button-up shirt, Gap boxers, mismatched socks, and John Fluevog dress shoes.

  17. silver-grey metal swatch; black knit boxer sort of underwear, about one size too small; reading glasses, dopey expression of fatigue, white dress shirt, dark red necktie with angular pattern in narrow red and black, black single-breasted suit (98% wool, 2% modern stretchy fibers) with the jacket part over the back of my chair; black socks, shiny black oxford shoes; the cellphone in my shirt pocket (siemens c35) is set to vibrate so whenever someone calls me it looks like i’m having a heart attack.

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