if you don’t use the skin controller to set your own cookie, you will be seeing penguins right about now. they make me happy. i hope they do that for you too.

Faith is a brilliant designer, yes? yes.

* * *
update: alright you mac people, is this better? i hope you’re all happy with yourselves. upsetting the delicate balance of my friday afternoon penguin-ness.

18 thoughts on “penguins!

  1. i love this skin! It is the one I use on my home machine for your blog…I just never set it on this machine here at work. So cute :O)

  2. i know, i just love the penguins. i go back and forth between zim, spongebob, and penguins myself, so, i figure everyone else should too 🙂

  3. oh. alright. since i can’t make the world give up that whole Mac thang, i can at least go back to Zim.

    or hows about spongebob?

  4. I saw penguins, but they’ve magically become spongebob. I’m going to sit in the corner with hoopty until the dizziness goes away. :p

  5. How in the hell are you making the links change colors??!!??
    Don’t make me sneak a peek under your source codes, young lady!!!

  6. it is. and i have the lovely bran to thank for this one. i love it so much.

    i did want to go with penguins for awhile though. the penguin skin rocks in so many ways, just not on the computers of those who insist on ‘thinking differently’.


  7. waitaminute! Jason, you’re a mac guy right? oh, but you use the new netscape.

    see? you mac folks need to stop trying to use IE to surf the ‘net and go with NS7. you really do.

    i’m just guessing. it’s a theory. that may have been Jason on a PC at work.

    but the penguins are soooooo lovely.

  8. spongebob rocks. mac rocks. I’m not going back to NS. I remember not long ago you were slamming me for using it. Not this time, baby. That’s the only skin on this earth that gives me problems.

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