so i’m keeping my kid home today so he’ll feel well enough to go trick-or-treating (at the mall – indoors, warm, not too much exertion) tonight. doesn’t that seem upside down? like energy should be expended on school, rather than saved up for fun? then i tell myself that it’s not like he’s a college student missing a crucial class so he can attend a kegger later on, he’s in kindergarten, and this is halloween, and he has a pikachu costume he’s really excited about and … no, my priorities are just fine.

aren’t they?

* * *

24 thoughts on “priorities?

  1. I have a feeling Kurtwood already knows alot more than some college students….
    Most are taking basic reading courses at the college near me. And, oh wait, its a “University”. Yeah, right….

  2. Can I go back to being in kindergarten again, and will you be my mom? Cause you’re the coolest. I could be dead, and my mom would have tossed my sorry dead body on the bus.

  3. Don’t worry about it. Your priorities are fine, and hopefully, he’ll feel well enough tonight to don that Pikachu costume and take many self portraits for his blog. 😀

  4. he seems to be perking up a bit, but he’s still sticking to the couch, he is really focused on getting better for tonight. usually the first bit of feeling good will have him bouncing around the house not getting rest, but not today. we have a goal.

  5. they won’t let the kids back in school until 24 hours after the last, um, episode, so you’re doing the right thing keeping him home. By tonight, it’ll be close enough to 24 hours that he can go infest all the mall-people.

    Carry on!

  6. Hey if he was in 5th or 6th grade it might be different – but it’s kindergarden! And it’s cool – it’s not like he’ll miss crucial info never again to be repeated.

    And Halloween is important, dammit.
    They won’t let you have as much fun with it when you get older.
    Adults suck.
    Let’s all swear never to become one.
    *goes off to build a treefort*

  7. halloween *is* important. fun is important. having a cool costume and plans to invade the mall is important.

    and Skatemom has a point — i’m *supposed* to keep him home from school. although, i think the school rules around here just ask that the children not have fevers, well, technically he had one of those last night, and a little lingering warmness today, so there we go.

  8. You really had no other option. You carefully considered all the possibilities, weighed the pros and cons, reviewed all potential consequences, and then made the right decision: FUN.

  9. you’re only five once. no reason to spoil it trying to be too grown up about anything.

    and missing one day of school is so minor. missing halloween? that’s major. that’s huge.

  10. Damn, I wish I’d had such a good excuse for all the classes I cut in college a hundred years ago (it wasn’t even a kegger to look forward to, most of the time; just plain old-fashioned ennui).

  11. Yeah, if I could catch his sickness and in turn have him get well I certainly would for him. Halloween is a big thing for kids. Looking forward to the pictures of the costume!

  12. oh, that’s sweet — he is feeling better, i’ve had to remind him several times to get back on the couch, and he’s drinking juice and has had some bites of the banana.

    they’re having a great bunch of halloween-themed cartoons on nickelodeon today. it’s quite festive, really.

  13. kd, trust me… when he is the age of MY son (14) you start realizing that you cannot go backwards. You cannot change or create memories for him or yourself… and honestly I dont remember what my child was learning on October 31st 10 years ago… he probably doesnt either. But, he does remember dressing up like ther Power Ranger and getting rid of all the bad guys invading the earth that night!

    You are fine!

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