psycho cookies

so chris comes and sits down on the couch and hands me a cookie. eat it! he says. it’s an oreo-type cookie, not one of my favorite cookie types. eat it! he insists. so i do.

it came out of the mother’s cookie assortment. it’s the standard dark chocolate cookie with white filling, but there are colorful sparkles in the creme filling.

and they are pop rocks. whoa! very trippy on the tongue.

good thing i wasn’t drinking a coke, i might have exploded!

10 thoughts on “psycho cookies

  1. Augh! Someone else mentioned these in a blog recently (I can’t remember who) and I’m dying to try them. But I’ve given up sugar.
    I’ll just have to put some cayenne on my zucchini tonight, though it won’t be the same.

  2. they came in that assortment package, so, we didn’t even know. chris discovered it while eating them.

    how weird is that? you’re munching an oreo and all of a sudden it starts to crackle in your mouth.

  3. cool! willy wonka sold chocolate in london with poprocks in it, and i miss them. i think they were called “exploders” or something. i hope i can find these. sweet!

  4. i think there should be random, surprise poprocks in lots of foods. you know, like, in pickles, or marshmallows, or peanut butter, or scrambled eggs.

  5. Eve (Mischiefgurl) has blogged those! She was going to bring some to our next blogger meet. 😀 I can’t wait to try them!

    btw. I snorted. LITERALLY snorted at the thought of pop rocks in scrambled eggs. Apparently, I think that’s really funny. lol

  6. Oh, my… I’m going to have to work a bit to get those into this ‘low-fat’ household.

    …but poprocks in an omelet sounds sooo cool.

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