ok. so i wake up. i look at the clock. 2:45 PM? what? (what happened to the clock, man?). oh my. i determine that it is indeed only 8:45 AM, perfectly respectable hour. ok, well, it’s better than almost three in the afternoon, ok? hmm. did i post anything? ahh, song lyrics, that’s ok. hmm. what’s that mess (contents of purse on floor)? oh. right. i went to the corner store for beer. god knows i needed it, huh? so, i check my email. nothing … startling. i check my phone history. oh, man. what a lot of numbers *waves* to people i talked to in 559 area code! i hope i wasn’t annoying!

but i probably was *sigh* i do remember talking to hoopty and having one hell of a hard time enunciating words. and that’s very annoying, talking to people who can’t talk. but, in order for it to have sufficient analgesic properties, booze must be drunk in great quantity. and drink it i did, and i was indeed drunk in great quantity. and i was out of pain, which i suppose is better than out of my mind with pain. right?

i don’t even want to look in my sent items. no. no reason to. not now. maybe i should just delete them, for sanity’s sake. back in the days i used to drink like this on a more regular basis, i would usually have the decency to delete my sent items before i went to bed. it’s been a loooong time since i’ve been that drunk, so i seem to have forgotten some of my old coping skills. which is ok. they are better forgotten.

i think at some point my game plan was to give myself the day off and use up a vacation day and go do dentist things. i should do that then.

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  1. Thanks, Jason. I just spurted water all over my keyboard. :p

    The most annoying thing about me when I’m drinking is my tendency to fall asleep on everyone. lol

  2. oh. man. dentist. don’t ask (nothing got done, except novocaine. long story).

    i should have gone to work but no, no, i’m here. numb up to my eyeballs and still have the toothache. isn’t that somehow wrong? shouldn’t it have stopped hurting? and when i waved the ‘it hurts’ wave, he claimed he ‘wasn’t even touching the tooth’. oh yeah? oh yeah? he was *so* touching it.

    wait i wasn’t going to talk about this. oy vey.

    so i’m going back next week. and i’m deeply, deeply in debt.

    i should be at work.

  3. Oh lord, kd. This sounds like another bad dentist. Or else the pain and the fear is getting the better of you. If you need to talk about it with someone who has been there, you have my cel phone number. Feel free to use it.

  4. when they numb you for a root canal, they do the big nerve in the back *and* local numbing right? he only did the big nerve in the back. i *so* felt it when he started trying to drill. i wasn’t making it up.

    the reason i have to go back is that they have no gas, and they completely gave up trying to convince me i was a big ole wussy for wanting it. now they won’t work on me without it.

    which is tuesday.

  5. I’m sure you didn’t annoy Hoopty. Heck, sometimes he doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t sound like he can speak properly when he’s sober and hasn’t seen a dentist. I’m thinking it’s all the hotdogs he eats. 🙂

  6. I would like to go on record and state that I had NOTHING to do with kd being drunk.
    um…..QUITE A BIT….
    ……shit. IT’S ALL MY FAULT, OKAY!?!?!!

  7. *Smrik* I have friends who get impossible to understand when they’re drunk, but for some reason, the easiest way to understand them then is to pound down a few with them. Perhaps you should warn people to drink along with you when you try to talk to them drunk?

  8. aha! that’s a good solution. as long as everybody’s drunk at once, we all make sense!

    and hoopty, it’s not your fault. really.

    and i am leaving for the dentist in a few minutes. i hope i don’t reek like eau de old booze too bad.

  9. Hey, gang, kd’s in the midst of the server relocation project she mentioned the other day; she can’t reach kd blog to post right now, but she’s pedaling as fast as she can.

    Her mail at the domain is also down for the moment; if you need her, please use kdk “at” surreally “dot” com.

    Updated information is available as things progress at . Anyone hosted on the Surreally domains who hasn’t signed up on the notify list over there, please do so. That will be the central information point as these server moves happen.

  10. i always thought it was “Dirt is the scourge of the drinking glasses”

    but maybe that was just by my friend Oscar. He is kind of wild though.

  11. Hmmmm….. You were making perfect sense to me on that call after midnight. ‘Course, that’s because I *was* on a similar plane; just running on a different fuel mixture.

  12. well, i find that in almost all dental or medical care, those aimed at the lower socioeconomic levels, tend to deny requests for pain medication and ‘things that make you feel good’ on the assumption that if you are poor, you are potentially some kind of junkie. when i was on medi-cal, i had one hell of a time getting even a minimal prescription for vicodin following surgery to put a titanium plate and six metal screws in one of the bones of my hand. they didn’t offer pain meds — i had to ask. and they looked at me like — oh? you need more than tylenol?

    rich people have an easier time in life. having medical insurance makes a difference.

    if i could have afforded a good dentist, i’d be on drugs right now. oh, well, actually, i would be half done by now. but … Western Dental caters to the poor. and it’s ok to be mean to the poor.

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