school days

when i was a kid my mommy had this book, i’m convinced it was titled that exactly, in letters that looked like chalk on a blackboard. and it had places for report cards, and notes about school records and pictures … i’ve since lost it (i think) (maybe?) (it could be in the garage with the spiders, but i have my doubts), but i remember it was a really cool thing to rediscover when i was about thirty or so.

yesterday kurt’s first school pictures came (one will be scanned and posted on his blog later), and of course i’ve saved every single bit of schoolwork he’s brought home so far and intend to save every other one, no doubt i’m going to need some kind of organization if i’m going to pack-rat this hard.

it would so rock if i could find a book just like the one my mom kept for me, for the most important bits of this collection. and, i figure, a nice set of those storage boxes you usually associate with accounting files.

because i’m gonna collect. yes, i already live in the chaos of my own packrattiness, let alone these intentions toward vicarious packrattiness, but the thing is, i’m convinced these things will be treasures to him some 20, 30 years from now. i’ve misplaced a great deal of my childhood, and most of the memories are tied to things still i have pictures of, or other memorabilia. i want him to be able to have more memories than i do. ’cause nostalgia sucks without the tools to revive the memory cells that store the stuff you’re nostalgic for.

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  1. Just think how great these weblogs are going to be for everybody to look back with in the future. I wish I had one of these going back to when I was as young as Kurtwood.

  2. oh girl I got one of those for my kids hell where did I get it??? I think I want to say or try amazon but that’s what it’s called school days it was like 15 dollars. Way cool 🙂

  3. ok, so i did a google search and came up with this — no image, no description — except for size, and that sounds about right.

    i wish there was a picture — i can picture it in my mind, and i’d love to get one that looked exactly like the one i had (lo, these many many many years ago).

  4. I’ll pop a pic tonight of what Shelley is using for the boys (as a guy, I have this blind spot about such things) and ask her where she got them.

    Your description is at least similar to what we were looking through this weekend as we were doing Daniel’s bio-board…

  5. Someone once told me that they or their parents kept a big bin of all of the keepsakes through the years. Pictures, report cards, schoolwork, artwork, projects, etc. What didn’t fit in the box was photographed, and the photograph was added to the box.

    When the kids were old enough to move out, they were each given their box to do with as they wished. I thought that was a great coming of age thing, and what a treasure to sift through the layers.

  6. dangit! i forgot to bring the school pictures to scan. i knew i forgot something.

    guess this means i have to get off my a** and hook up my scanner at home. oh, you should see that kindergarten picture. it’s soooooo cute.

  7. I was given something similar when the Misha started school. It was from Current. I had every intention of using it, really I did, and I will as soon as I finish (read: start) my notes from the trip to Russia to pick them up.

    Really, I will.

    I mean it.

  8. I have a book like that for Jason that I bought at my local Half Price Books. Of course he’s in 5th grade now and the book has nothing written in it…

  9. Me personally? I find that it’s more fun to not be organized so you can discover things and be surprised later. It makes every cleaning day like Christmas.


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