see now? life is wonderful.

portia is asleep on my couch.

she would have been fine with me playing spyro on the playstation, and had i any idea how to do it well, i coulda still been playing, but well, when she fell asleep it got rather boring not being able to say, see? look how pretty? it’s a pretty game. i am so excited about tomorrow that i’m rather too hyper to fall asleep, but here is an exhausted traveling woman, i should let her rest, yet me noodling on the keyboard doesn’t seem to bother her.

happy things about having a blogger visitor: she was pleased to find a nice home network and be able to get on the computer. it was very comforting to me, as a not-so-social person, to have computers to offer — hard to explain, why i felt so happy about having computers and stuff for her when she arrived. but i did. anyway. i hope that this is a comfy place for her and hope she stays a week or more — she’s a lovely person, having an amazing road-trip life-discovery thing, and she’s *here*. and i’d love to set up her camping equipment in my backyard and camp next weekend.

as it is, i’m just glad she’s here. life’s good. and to be polite, since i’m typing in the living room, i should go to bed, and i will soon enough. but for now, i think i’ll continue to make these clicky sounds which seem not to disturb her, and surf a bit more.

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