server madness

so i dreamt i was a ghost. giving seminars on how to be successful. had this shiny shelf thing embroidered on my puffy sleeve, it was supposed to represent prosperity. i was thin, attractive, and all about the empowerment. anyway.

i feel crazed. there was a note on the fridge in the lunchroom saying if you like the vanilla creamer please contribute and i’m all, i didn’t even know it was for everyone? so i went to my car to get some change and i looked at the shiny quarters in the console cupholder and thought, tacos. what if i want jack in the box? i have enough for four tacos, if i were to decide this was a taco day. i considered this and said outloud, ‘don’t spend your tacos. keep your tacos’. and then turned nervously to see if anyone was anywhere near. if i hear someone saying that sitting in a parked car, i’d worry.

the server shit is driving me here, to the edge of madness. oh, i’m not mad. i’m even. and there’s hope now, but for now surreally dot com copies of MT are all wadded up in my ass like bad panties.

huh? maybe i should try to get to bed before two am some night. yeah right.

oh one more thing — information about linking mp3s with the trackback auto-discovery on, is in more …

remember when spongebob brought home the wild jellyfish and it invited all its friends and trashed the place and played the music way too loud all night? and then gary led them away like the pied piper of rhythm? and all the sea creatures joined in? jellyfish jam mp3, please download rather than stream, and oh — did you know that if you put the MP3 linky in the extended entry box, it doesn’t error 500, even if you have the auto-discovery on?

well it’s true. just put MP3s in the more text, and you’re golden.

7 thoughts on “server madness

  1. Mystery meat! It’s just like High School, but with less angst. 😉

    yaay! mp3 goodness for everyone without having to give up the coolness of autodiscovery. 😀

  2. tacos are good. I could go for a couple of them right now.

    but I’ve got to ask: I’ve heard of ‘having one’s panties in a wad’, but ‘bad panties’? must be really bad from the sounds of it.

  3. well, by bad panties, i meant, those ones that fit badly and invariably creep up your ass, further and further, till you’re forced to back up against something and try to nonchalantly tug them back out of there.

    no one is ever fooled by this. no one.

  4. hmm. i’m not sure what they put in jb tacos is beef. it’s something inexplicable, really. which is what makes them so good, the element of mystery.

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