she was getting bombed, and i was getting blown away

firstly, let me preface these remarks with, i have found a dentist that will work with me. it’s like, western dental, and yes they’re butchers, but better butchers than what i would do otherwise. and they do extend credit, which leads me to believe their collections department consists of large, hirsute men named Knuckles and Killer, but i don’t care.

and secondly, let me tell you that my choice of painkiller for the evening could have been acquired many places closer than my Favorite Liquor Store Ever, which is all the way downtown, but the drive did me a world of loveliness. temps in the high 50’s, windows down, radio loud, good music (the 70’s at seven and you know how i am about my stoned age rock.) anyway.

so ’twas a lovely drive and the reason i go there, is Zack. now, Zack is a young kid, but works long hours (he’s always there) in the family business. and it’s the small, familyness of the way they do business that keeps me driving across town. i am always greeted by name. pleasantries are always exchanged, in which i generally ask if he’s had any time off lately, and he asks after my family. on this particular evening, i wander around a bit, then approach the counter, clutching a package of chocolate donuts (on kurt’s request). i have a slightly pained expression on my face. i say, i need … and he says, amaretto? (how does he know these things? i’ve bought amaretto there, i think, three times?) i say, yes, your smallest bottle, and cigarettes. he says, yours, or both? (he knows the brands). i say, mine.

further proof that this amaretto (48 proof, incidentally) was meant to be for me and the last bit of unhelped tooth stuff: amount i took out of the bank to finance this venture: $20. exact total, of chocolate donuts, amaretto, and vanilla cigarettes: $20.00.

disclaimer for anyone visiting here curiously tomorrow, wondering about weird comments i may be about to leave anywhere: i’m planning on drinking rather heavily, and i tend to comment accordingly. it’s ok. more or less.

12 thoughts on “she was getting bombed, and i was getting blown away

  1. …and since I don’t have comments, I’ll wander over here from time to time tonight to check on the surreallity level!

  2. woHOO! yes. having most of the fun in email. email me! kd at kd blog dot com.

    unless you don’t want to. which is cool.

  3. Oh sweetie. About Western Dental I… can’t say anything at all, that’s what Thumper’s mom says. I’ll start working on those rat intestines, how’s that? ;-*

    I know just what to get you as a Get Well present, the new Mark IV! They say the nicest gift to give is the one you want for yourself…

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