she’s here!

portia’s here! i mean, well, she’s still a few miles out, but she’s basically here! omg. i have to clear a path through the living room, at least.

omg. she’s actually going to be here! i have spaghetti and salad and coffee and soy milk for her. she has booze. i have beer. whee!

6 thoughts on “she’s here!

  1. this is cool. we’re just sitting here on the computers, and my son’s playing video games. geeks man. i tell ya.

  2. I’m ok, I promise. Everything is going to be ok!!!! Have fun with Portia! Hug her for me! I’ll take a shot for you both tonight!

  3. You are going to have so much fun with portia, kd! Granted, I’m a three-toed sloth on my own time, but portia was nice enough to fake happiness for four nights with me and the vinster. I don’t care what that girl tells you, I could feel the misery and dread within her body every moment I came near her.

    melly was right: portia knows her facials.

  4. omg. facials. as soon as i get her out of the chocolate peanut caramel clusters, we should do facials.

    and jhames, she adores you.

    i think we should listen to your mix cd’s and invoke your presence.

    she’s talking to melly on the phone right now.

    it’s all about convergence.

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