the noises of home

i’ve lived here for awhile now, longer than most, if not all, places i’ve lived in my adult life. not solidly, but on and off for about three years, (damn. is it that long? guess so.) there were a couple of roommate adventures, if you call hell adventurous, as i tried to live elsewhere, but always ended up back here. roommates. bah.

humbug. anyway. it’s lovely here. we have an enormous catholic church in the backyard, with bells. they go off from 8am to 9pm daily, but if it’s quiet, there’s another set that goes off in the near distance, about a minute after ours. they stop at ten, just now heard them, above the crickets. we’re two blocks from a trauma center, and the worst sound of living here is the helicopters. it never, ever ceases to give me the chills when one flies over — at this point in the flight path they pass directly overhead at about 100 – 150 feet. haven’t been any of those lately, thankfully.

and the cats. oy. the cats. our kitty still thinks he’s a badass, even though he’s declawed and deballed and lacks both the hormones and the weapons to be a big mean tom-kitty (shh! don’t tell him!). they’re out there now. *sigh* the neighbors, all elderly or nuns or both, must hate us for our kitty, or at least, find us annoying.

hey, he came with the house, and we’re all rather stuck here, in the suburbs, where it’s almost quiet.

10 thoughts on “the noises of home

  1. My place up in Oregon is across the street from the hospital on one side….and across the street from the Colombia River on the other. Those life~flight helicopters fly over my building at least once a week….usually bringing people out of the river….or out of the ocean. My whole building shakes……sometimes at night or during storms, I’m sure they’re going to take the roof off my building, they fly so low. Scary! I hope I never have to fly in one of those!!

  2. on holiday weekends, they’ll shake the house several times in one night. i hate those nights. i never really feel threatened by them, just very sad.

    the papers the next day rarely have good news about the fates of those involved in whatever horrible local accidents there have been.

  3. I live right smack dab at the end of the runway at an airbase. Sometimes… just get used to things. Helicopters, jets, BIRDS HAVING SEX AT ALL HOURS!, and all the other stuff. Sounds like home.

  4. When we lived on Chesnut St., there were bells at a church that went off regularly. We got used to them after about the second week, and then once we moved out of town proper, I actually would wake up because I missed hearing them.

    I never want to live by a college football stadium again, though. Oi. Between ROTC drills and football games and marching band practice and all the other practices and activities that occur there, plus the fact that you would routinely have people park in and across your personal parking lot when they ran out of spaces in the actual college lot…

    We had several cars towed and I was late to work several times because people had us parked in entirely.

  5. I don’t know if they’re still there, but when I was at U of Arizona, they had several dorms which made up the walls of the stadium. Fortunately, I wasn’t relegated to one of those, but I shudder to think of the poor so-and-so who wasn’t even a football fan who got placed there.

  6. Sounds better than the drug dealers and empty liquor bottles and bums peeing in the shrubs and partying students pulling up all the flowers and stuff I have here.

  7. I grew up two blocks away from where the railroad tracks turn (yes, we were on the “wrong side”). You can watch the train down one street, count to twelve, and turn and see it down the other street. Way cool. I expected to hear that darn train horn at 4:47 every morning and was sad when I didn’t. It’s the sound that says “home” to me.

  8. oh! trains! my last place i stayed at for awhile was an apt. building with the train running right in back of it. when i moved in, i was concerned it would bother me, but the neighbors said, you get used to it, it’s comforting. and it would actually rock the building, and yes, it was so very comforting.

    and when the big long frieghts would go by, we’d take my son (who was a little baby then) out to see them. he loved those trains. as did we.

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