the photolog is running

i wanted to encourage kurtwood in his photographic pursuits, so, i made him a photolog. he does love seeing his name and his pictures on the internet.

kurtwood’s photolog can be reached thru, but the actual URL is

25 thoughts on “the photolog is running

  1. It’s so cool that you’ve done this for him. I love the idea that this is something he will always have to look back on, you know? 😀

  2. he’s such a great kid, and ooh! there is a surprise waiting for him when he gets home!

    two cameras! from Dan! do you know how beside myself i am about all this?

  3. I found 126 here:, but holy smokes it’s expensive. I’ll look around some more in my books at home.

    If it’s this hard and expensive to get, you might want to look into (if you’re really handy) seeing if the spycam can be modified to use 110 film, the cartridge length looks close to the same.

    The film type shouldn’t matter, it’s making it work mechanically that might really bite the big weenie.

  4. hmm. maybe it’s 110 and i am just extremely forgetful or something? i remember finding it at RiteAid back when, and it was like, 3 or 6 dollars or something, and there was a buy one get one free deal. we actually have two old cameras that use (whatever size that film is) the other is an old skinny kodak or polaroid with an actual flash, which might even sort of work.

    i must research this more thoroughly. damn, i want to go home now! friggin’ work.

  5. ok, looking at the pictures, it’s gotta be 110. it’s skinny, and the 126 is fat.

    don’t ask my brain where it gets its numbers 🙂

  6. Wow. At five years old with that kind of judgement and eye for detail. He’s terrific! With your encouragement, he’ll be successful with anything he does.

  7. it’s pretty exciting, because since we discovered he liked to take pictures, he’s always looking for stuff to take pictures of, and asking for the camera.

  8. hmm. i’m hoping RiteAid has some, or if not, there are lots of specialized camera stores in town, i can check there too. it’s my next project.

    i’m also going to do a camera page, in which i describe the various cameras he’s using. i’m just so excited about this whole project!

  9. Photolog looks wonderful! Tell him I’m jealous of him … lol … Quite a bit of talent for one so young. I’m jealous of that too. hehehe …

  10. i really honestly think he does. and not just because i’m his mom, but because — ok, well, i am his mom, how can i not be biased, but … he does! he’s good!

    *beaming with pride*

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