there’s evil afoot

you thought *trolls* were bad? wait till you get a pantload of newest form of evil, comment spam. yes, evil morons with basic scripting ability have been able to flood MT sites with comments, the same one, posted on every single entry. there is a marvelous discussion over at MT guru Phil Ringnalda‘s site, which i have been watching today, because i want to have solutions for any of my hostees affected by this.

if you catch this happening, ban the IP as quickly as you can. that would be in your blog configuration. there’s an easy delete procedure for blogs using the MySQL form of MT, which surreally hostees should be able to convert to now, but i’ll use myself as a guinea pig first. aside from that, there are patches in the works, and hopefully there won’t be too much annoyance wrought by this.

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in other news, never ever visit a site called to pick up an e-card. it’s not technically considered a virus, because you actually have to click and accept an agreement to let it use your email contact list to mail out special offers, but it’s still very viral, and does other annoying things to your computer aside from just hijacking your contact list with your permission. i highly recommend reading this to understand more about this version of evil.

9 thoughts on “there’s evil afoot

  1. I have a pantload of an older type of evil.
    Okay, so it’s a stupid joke. Anyway, a comment spam might be a very useful tool in the right hands (mine). I can think of a number of ways to have fun with that. I’m guessing that Phil doesn’t provide the script for it, though.

  2. it really, really does. especially for folks not running the MySQL version, because deleting all those comments one by one would be horrifying.

    and if you leave them, the spammer wins. their intent is probably less to get click-throughs, than to elevate their google ranking — google measures inbound links to gauge link popularity.

    there are even companies that market this as a service — promising high search engine rankings, or even saying, we’ll get your website address in thousands of message boards all over the world — and exploiting trust-based systems like this, to do it.

  3. This scares me, because I don’t have the MySQL version of MT running and haven’t the foggiest how to go about getting it running, so for me this kind of spam would be the most horrific kind 🙁

    Any help on it kd?

  4. well, my advice would be to sit tight and hope they get a patch out to prevent this sort of thing. some great geeky minds are working on this.

    if you have the ability to setup a MySQL database on your server, switching versions is as easy as running the conversion CGI that comes bundled with versions 2.2 and up — it sets up all the tables, populates them with your entries, and there you go.

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