19 thoughts on “this never happens

  1. Wait wait – that is *so* wrong – it’s 95 but feels like 91?? That never happens here – here’s it always 90 but feels like 110 or some such nonesense…

  2. i think it was a fluke, really. and a passing one — by two it was down to 78.

    also, that measurement is at the oxnard airport — several miles further inland than we are.

  3. If you were in the Bay Area it would make sense, with all those folks crowded into stadia for the A’s, 49ers and Giants games, but where you are? I’m with Jill: earthquake weather indeed.

  4. actually, we get our worst hot weather in october and november. summers are foggy and cool. so all in all i suppose i shouldn’t complain.

  5. this is much too hot. much. too. hot. i do not like it. nothing good about it.

    and since i’m acclimated to seventy degree temps, this is a major shock to my system.

    i should stop whining now.

  6. Ya know, here in toxic NJ the sun is getting mighty strong.
    It really feels like your skin is on fire, even with SPF 30.
    I feel like I’m slowly cooking in a big bowl of NJ People Stew!!!

  7. it’s the santa ana thing… hot dry wind blowing in from the desert bringing all sorts of spores you don’t want to think about. and then there’s this.

  8. And I thought you were just looking at the waves and not noticing the bikinis, Emperor.

    It was nice swimming weather. I got in the pool when we got home, and it was great.

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