the mall was the place to see and be seen, but it was not the place for the candy. i would estimate the number of adorable youngsters in costume in the several hundreds, and the number of stores not sporting ‘no candy’ or ‘out of candy’ signs, in the tens. those that had, gave sparingly. i’m trying not to want to rant about this, but the mall really could have done better. they have the makings of being The Place To Be, having a real Event, and yet, they fail to motivate their leaseholders to participate to the fullest. how friggin’ much is it out of a store’s budget to invest a couple hundred bones in a good stock of goodies? expense it to marketing! make little goody bags with the store logo! these people have no vision, man.

my son’s costume was an excellent choice — numerous folks remarked ‘look! pikachu!’ and we saw no other pikachus. and look — matching slippers:

on the other hand, we vastly underestimated our neighborhood. with hardly any kids, yet plenty of adults into the spirit of the day, decorated houses, happy gatherings of grownups feeling ever so generous — what with the dearth of children, candy came in the handfulls, in the ‘take as many as you want’ kind of spirit. and everyone was so happy to see the little pikachu dude:

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25 thoughts on “trick-or-treat

  1. I do so love it when small children declare anything about their “whole life”–the best Halloween he’s ever had, and there’s only been, what, five or so? What a cutie.

  2. i think that must have been about what it was like in my neighborhood, Linkmeister, because the folks were handing out candy like crazy.

    hope you gave all the little guys big handfulls of the goodies 🙂

  3. Look at the little tail! What a precious child. I think you absolutely made the right choice — after all, he’s got school every day and Halloween only comes once a year. Besides — there are so few cute photo ops while he’s at school. 🙂

  4. I’ve gotta defend the stores in the mall for a sec (or actually the people who work in the stores in the mall)…I was a manager at a mall bookstore for a couple years, and I always ended up working on Halloween. Our mall did the “bring your kids to trick-or-treat, we’re a great/safe place, yada yada yada” thing too. Mall management left it optional, and every time we got in touch with our district manager guy, he said that we couldn’t buy the kids candy with petty cash (everything we spent petty cash on was closely monitored, and most corporations are REEEEEALLY CHEAP, they got mad at me once for buying name-brand windex), and if we wanted to give out candy, the people on shift that night would have to pay for it themselves. “Corporate policy” BS, basically. The people on staff that night would try to chip in a bit of cash to buy candy, but $10 a piece doesn’t go far, especially when a couple thousand kids show up. And add to the fact that mall jobs usually don’t pay much, and pretty much everyone who works in the mall (well, my mall, anyway) is in high school or college and broke anyway, and you’ve got a stingy Halloween.

    It’s a shame, really, because I would have loved to sit outside the store and hand out candy all night. Even though mall management does it just to get people in the doors (and that was the extent of their involvement – they were pretty much like “you deal with it”), I think the individual companies should let each store spend, say $100 on candy for Halloween. If every store did that, there would be more than enough to go around. Of course, that’s not gonna happen.

  5. I’m glad he had so much fun, and he looks adorable. 😀

    Linkmeister, I feel your pain–except I got NO trick or treaters. 🙁 I really hate living in an apartment. Sigh.

  6. Skits and kd,

    Final count-8. Average age-9. Understandable costumes-0.

    The worst of it is that you never know how many you’re gonna get, right? So either you buy tons of candy and eat it (hah–a pun) or you buy very little and try to budget it early, so the few kids who do show up get short-changed. Sigh.

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