two things

#1: the empire state building changes color, sometimes for reasons we can fathom, and sometimes, not fathom.

#2: that is a pingable entry. i have turned on my ‘auto-detect’ ping feature and am hoping that the entry will go and ping by itself. i’ll let you know.

20 thoughts on “two things

  1. Yes it did! It worked for me and I don’t even have a new install of MT, don’t ask me what the hell happened. When I saw I was pinging myself I got very confused.

  2. Holy shit! I totally forgot I had it turned on until I read this. I automatically pinged you earlier and didn’t even realize it! I feel like I missed out on something.

    Faith, that’s a cool idea for a blog. 😀

  3. for anyone saying ‘huh? what?’ — auto-detect is an MT 2.5 feature, where if you link a pingable entry in your text, it will automatically go and ping that entry, without you having to make any further efforts towards trackbacking.

    it’s very handy. much, much easier than writing a post that pings three people (like skits did) and having to go discover the trackback info on your own — you just link them, (the entry, not the whole site) and presto!

  4. ohhhhhhhh yeah. oh man. so many copies of MT. so little time.

    lemme see what i can do for y’all. are you running 2.21 now? of course you are. all i gots to do is upload the stuff, and it’ll run like that.

    i’m on it.

  5. I’ve seen the Empire State building in all kinds of different colors, and it is beautiful. However, I have no idea what trackback is, and only the loosest concept of pinging. I’m a moron.

  6. no, you just need an upgrade, and to just ping one thing. then suddenly you’re craving the pings. you have to ping. you simply MUST ping. ahh. and the feeling when you send that ping. ahhhhh. pinging.

  7. The “grr” is that our pinger isn’t working, and I can’t figure out why. It was working fine until they moved us to the new server farm and it hasn’t worked since. During the move, our MT did a lot of funky things so I was hoping by installing it fresh with the 2.5 rather than just upgrading it things would go back to normal but no luck thus far. I’ve wanted to discuss this with my host, but unfortunately he’s had much bigger issues to deal with these last few days, and I’m waiting for a better time. 🙁

  8. am i the last bastion of GM left around here? don’t worry – i don’t feel left out at all.

  9. Should I make an obvious joke about pinging myself automatically, or should I admit that I have no idea what you all are talking about? Of course, I’m living in the past, running MT 2.0 with an AOL dial-up account. No nerdy goodness for me.:(

  10. *decides to keep checking back, hanging her head in nontechnical oblivion, hoping someone will accidentally mention what exactly “pinging” is…*

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