vicarious partying

through the miracle of modern cellular technology, i’ve just attended a wild-sounding party in berkeley, where *garbled list of bloggers* is gathered, as we speak. or i write. you know. i talked to Jilly, Portia, Mikey, and Hoopty, and then the noise really started to wear my ear down, but there were many more people there.

*sigh* vicarious is better than nothing, but i still feel like i’m totally missing out.

12 thoughts on “vicarious partying

  1. Let’s see. There was Mikey of Electric Bugaloo. Jessica of Peace Dividend and Brendan her partner. There was Chris of, and his partner Kim. Cheyenne of Gnome-Girl. And wKen, star of stage, screen and radio. And Portia, and Hoopty, and Jilly.

  2. And that should have read “I don’t know, Robyn” not “I don’t know Robyn” It sounded like I was disavowing all knowledge of Robyn. lol. Don was willing to allow me to take the Pelican to blogcon if I wanted, but I ended up not going to blogcon. I was on the fence anyway cause the idea of flying out of National Airport and going through security with a big pelican was sort of hurting my head.

  3. I’m still waiting for the nudie pics to prove the west coast parties are more wild than the east coast ones… Btw, just LOVE the design around here dah-ling — definitely “sponge worthy”!

  4. but think of the cool stories you’d have to tell from such an adventure!

    “ma’am, could you explain the bird”
    “oh, lots of my friends want to pose with it in their undies”
    “ma’am, please step quietly into the interrogation room”

  5. I didn’t get to talk to you on the phone KD (I think I was still in awe that I was sitting next to the legendary wken) but I did want to say hi and wished you could of been there to see all the love everyone has for you 🙂

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