where there’s a will

ok. so i might be really wrecked and away from the computer for awhile. i know it’s just dental work. but i’m a big ole wussie that way.

for hosting/surreally blog problems, i encourage hanging out at the support forum that Dan set up for us (isn’t it gorgeous?) feel free to make it your own, have fun, play, help each other — and there is even a ‘home away from home’ section, where if you are displaced by the server moves (i’m figuring all three surreallys will go at the worst possible moment. i mean, that makes sense, right?).

so, if i’m curled up in a little ball sniveling a lot longer than the acceptable, respectable time period for a person having major dentistry, i leave you all with the forum.

you might not want to click more if you think that people posting their dental xrays is in any way gross, weird, or deviant. i’m just trying to get in the mood here. woo!

this is what hurts the worst. just in case, you know, you were wondering, hey! i wish i could see inside kd’s jaw!

notice the little steel wires on the right. yup. those are in there too!

18 thoughts on “where there’s a will

  1. I’ve had two root canals myself. I recommend having them pulled now. A hellava lot less trouble in the long run, and cheaper too.

    Good luck, kd! I’ll be thinking of you. 🙂

  2. Tanya: possibly the least useless bit of advice anyone’s ever given me. the Lit CD (Place in the Sun) was such the wonderful distraction. i highly recommend that CD for all your dental needs.

  3. Wow! Get better fast kd! I’ve been through three root canals now (pulpotomies — even blogged about it!) and I found that I felt much better after they were done. Only one of them really hurt after the procedure. The other two were bad enough abscesses that the procedure was actually a RELIEF! You’ll feel much better soon…

  4. good girl. my dentist in atlanta supplied the cd player and headphones, or i would never have thought of it. i can’t tell you how glad i am that it helped.

    i’ll go find that cd, and have it ready for my next visit in 4 months. dentistry is good for you. even tho it’s scarier than facing godzilla with only a lighter and hairspray. *huge hug*

  5. i think it’s best to bring your own CD. i had some mix CDs from friends but i remembered how Lit made me feel better last time i was sick. it’s as close to mindless fun you can have without being offended by the lyrics. and you can play it LOUD. loud is good.

    i told the dentist, if you need to talk to me, just move the headphones. but by the time we’d passed a few songs, we had a kind of wordless communication going, and he even said i was a good patient! i’m skeptical though. all that whining i did.

  6. I never flinch during piercings or tats, but I’m always in pain at the dentist. Ick. Sorry, kd. I’ll drink one for you and sit here and be silently jealous of all the meds you’re gonna get.

  7. I might be a little sadistic here, but what exactally does this x-ray represent? A root canal gone wrong? And what’s with the wires?

    From the smigin of medical knowledge that I have, all I can say is that the x-ray doesn’t look good. One way or another, good luck. I’d send you a case of ameretto if I could…

  8. i rather enhanced the image, and interestingly enough, there were colors in it! — the deep blue is infection. the tooth on the right is already root canalled. the tooth next to it needs a huge filling and a crown. the little guy, the one surrounded by infected tissue (which was taken pre-antibiotics), needs the root canal. but the whole area is such a mess, and that’s why i’ve been sniveling and hitting the hard stuff (amaretto).

    the wire is from when i was 18 and my jaw was broken in several places — straight across about halfway up, and the left — is that a mandible? in several pieces. they had to use wires to set the bone. they’re still there. there was nerve damage from all that (running along the jawline) which adds to my general dental distress levels.

  9. Well, after coming through a root canal, myself, I recognized the tooth on the right. Just be sure to take of your gums, sweetie. Everything else, they can replace.

  10. oh yikes. i only have one small, probably useless, piece of advice. if they don’t supply one, bring a portable cd player, and blast it in headphones. the noises scare me more than anything.

    how did you break your jaw?

  11. I agree with Tanya, bring some sort of music or something.

    As it is, I’ve gotta make an appointment for a regular cleaning, and I’m leary about the whole thing. I don’t wanna go, but my husband’s harping on my ass to make an appointment. *Shudder* I hate going to the dentist, even for something so miniscule in compairison to what you’re doing.

  12. ack. I’m actually minutes away from calling and making my first dental appt. in several years. I know I’m going to be in the same place as you in a couple weeks. Feel better soon, kd…

  13. i hate the dentist. well, not mine. but all of those dentists that i had to go to as a child. like the one that made my teeth white by making me od on floride (please don’t make your 2 year old od on florine). and the one that didn’t mention that i was getting gum disease, but was pretty intense about cleaning my teeth, leaving me with a bleeding mouth for days. (i was 16, and didn’t go to another dentist until i was 23. mom still doesn’t believe me about that one.)

    getting a filling is more pleasant than getting a cleaning. that seems so wrong, but the cleaning machine makes a scary, life-threatening noise. and … ewww. um, okay, that doesn’t make much sense, does it?

    gum disease is bad. to fix it, they use a motorized pick thingy. they have to wear a plastic shield to keep their face from getting covered with blood. (side note: you are supposed to brush your teeth for 2 minutes, going over everything 8x, rather than 30sec going over everything once. who knew?)

    the benefit to not having a job: i can justify not going in for a cleaning.

  14. You have, despite all of your troubles, lovely roots and sockets. I just thought I’d share that.

    What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good x-ray.

    I believe I’ve revealed too much now and need to return to hiding under my desk. But I just got my new computer keyboard and trackball after the people here to fix the phone toasted the old ones by spilling coffee in them and I have to test it out by um, surfing and commenting a bit. Wait, you mean I’m supposed to do other stuff at work? Damn. Why didn’t I get that memo.

    I’ve learned that the one advantage to having a flood (besides groovy new carpet) is that you can coast for quit a while on “No. I don’t have that file. It must have gotten damaged.”

    Making sense is highly over-rated.

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