Jen, portia, and kurt:

couple seagulls (would have gotten a nice picture of a big pelican too, had i a proper camera, but as it is, here are the gulls):

looking down through an open spot in the pier:

the tide meter thingy:

*sigh* and that’s about it, for pictures.

in other news, it’s monday, and it feels very, very monday.

6 thoughts on “yesterday

  1. Last time I was in Santa Monica there was a one-footed gull that I really wanted to get a picture of. Couldn’t get close enough and I felt bad because I could see it was sort of an ordeal every time he had to land. I gave up and took pictures of squirrel sex instead.
    Have I mentioned that your boy is the cutest thing ever?

  2. eh. i need a zoom lens for birds. it’s really hard to get birds, even bold birds, without a decent zoom.

    i shouldn’t complain because i am lucky to have a camera, and it’s not suffering to go with no zoom. is it? it kind of is. sort of.

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